Six Ways to Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature was super easy when we lived in the country—we had forty acres, so I just walked outside and was basically surrounded with it. Now we live in the suburbs, and while this isn’t new for me, connecting with nature takes a more conscious effort. So here are six simple ways you can connect with some nature today:

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How our thoughts affect our physical body: You can heal your life

“I’m not good enough”—it’s the root of all our toxic thoughts.

I started reading “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay the other day, though I’ve had it for almost 8 months. I guess I wasn’t ready to read it. The idea is that our thoughts create our reality, including disease in the body, with resentment, criticism, and guilt causing the most damage.

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I have a confession to make...

I left my leadership conference a day early. Yup.

I was sharing all the adventures, doing all the things, and then boom. Was gone. And maybe that seems crazy. We drove from Missouri, to North Carolina, to Georgia just to be there. Paid for our tickets, our Airbnb. This was both a time and money investment for us. But here’s the thing; while most people are all about the hustle, I’m working towards alignment.

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Toxic vs Healthy Relationships

I’m going through some major life shifts lately…a lot of healing, so I’m saying goodbye to toxic people. Not because “toxic” is a trending word lately, but because some people are actually toxic and harm your health.  Like it’s literally a thing and can create more stress, weight gain, thyroid issues, and more…but it’s also important to note that “toxic” is not the same as “annoying” or “frustrating.”

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Everyone needs to hear this

You are not a reflection of those who can’t love you.

Let me say it again: YOU ARE NOT A REFLECTION OF THOSE WHO CAN’T LOVE YOU. Someone on the internet said it–I couldn’t find the source 

You are not what people say about you.
You are not what people think about you.
And you are worthy of love.
It’s okay to set boundaries with people and to set boundaries with yourself.

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What would you do if you were brave?

I used to hike alone all the time when I lived in Utah… I always told people where I was going, when they should expect me home, always went to highly trafficked trails, listened to my intuition, and never went close to dark. Then people kept telling me it wasn’t safe (mostly because of creeps that I haven’t encountered yet) and so I started hiking only if I had a buddy. But the thing is, I was never afraid hiking alone;

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