dear diary

December 13, 2022

my yearly recap: shit I did in 2022

I don’t know about you, but every December I have a little existential crisis and wonder, “what did I even do this year?” I have a love/hate relationship with “year in reviews” because I’m not even the same person I was a week ago, so looking back an entire year makes me cringe sometimes lol. But it turns out I did a lot that I’m proud of so here’s a little recap:




Oh hey, I self-published another poetry book. If you’ve been around on the internet then you’ve probably heard me talk about her. She was even Number 1 New Release in two categories! That was such a dream to see.


Tbh, every February is about survival and getting to spring. It was also my last semester of college so I spent it hermiting, studying, but also occasionally doing things with my cutie friends.


Spent a lot of time watching storms, the sunset/sunrise, and going on a lot of really terrible first dates. Even had one guy tell me that I have it “pretty easy” as a single mom and that “the nuclear family is the best way” to raise kids. Lol, next.


Planted our garden. Visited my sister’s town and new home. Burned my wedding dress. Danced in the rain outside a bar. I think this is also the month I officially became friends with my neighbors across the street and created our friendship family. See texts from fake dad here.


I graduated college, finally. Most people don’t know this, but I had a scholarship to a university when I graduated high school, but I wasn’t living at home anymore when I graduated and someone threw my scholarship in the trash without telling me, then told me about it two years later when I was applying for student loans. I always felt like such a failure because I have never done things traditionally or the “easy” way—so going back to school as a single, divorced mom of two and actually graduating with a Bachelor’s in Holistic Health/Alternative Medicine was just…a really proud moment for me.


I don’t care if I was born an Autumn baby, I was made for summer. Saw so many rainbows. Went to Utah to get tattooed by the lovely Kennedy at Feminine Fawn. Reconnected with old friends. Just enjoyed ✨existing✨


Just more ✨existing✨ Had a “family” BBQ with our friend-family where I made my Uncle Norm’s teriyaki chicken. Also ended July in Colorado and Utah (see here)


I used to try and get my family together to celebrate our sister’s birthday every year, but the last couple of years I’ve just decided to start going on an adventure instead. Last year I went to Oregon to see my brother. This year I spent the first week in Utah (here). Also took my sons camping for the first time post-divorce with my sister and her kiddos and it was so much fun. Regained confidence in my camp-cooking abilities and just camping ability in general.


Spent a lot of time prepping for my first author event (Lit on Grand).


Participated in my first-ever author event! You can see all the pics and read about it here. Got my heart stomped pretty good. Found a new fave local band called The Comancheros.


Bought myself a flannel from the men’s section since I aint got no man’s shirt to steal and made myself my boyfriend. Had Friendsgiving with our friendship-family. Participated in my second author event at a local library. Turned 35.


I wrote this last year and honestly, it still applies so: December is for reflecting, recovering, and doing nothing and tryna to survive until the solstice. OH, but I did go to Loess Bluffs and saw so many birds, it was incredible.

@whereshegrows Ive never seen so many bald eagles in one place Also hugged the biggest cottonwood ive seen in my life #baldeagle #naturevibes #naturetok #gooutside #marshlands #wildlife #outdoors #naturejournal #missouri #moundcity ♬ Hiking – Elgafar

So, there are some things and photos I did this year, andtbh, it’s okay if you did absolutely nothing but breath this year. I hope you’re proud of doing that too.

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