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It doesn’t happen overnight. And to be honest, it’s not very pretty.

Like, at all.

If you think about it, maybe healing is like climbing a mountain. A lot of starting and stopping and getting lost. You fall down, get bruised, maybe try a new path. Some days you feel strong. Other days, not enough.

Then you find yourself at the top. God, the view up here. The air up here. Your lungs are expanding and your thighs are shaking, but goddamn, you made it and today you are stronger. You sit here for a while. Smell the flowers, rest recharge. Then you see the storm rolling in. Quick. Take cover. You start your way down. Thrashing through brambles, getting cut on the thorns, just trying to stay ahead of the storm. Maybe healing is like climbing a mountain and maybe next time it will be easier to find your way.

Somewhere along the path we got it in our heads that “healing” is equal to “aesthetic”. That healing means you’re surrounded by crystals, butterflies, rainbows, wearing a pretty dress, and maybe a holding glass of wine. All of that is fine. But healing from trauma, grief, loss, and just life is so much more than that.

It’s confronting your inner demons. It’s sitting in the uncomfortable silence of the apology you simply won’t get. It’s going to therapy and digging for diamonds in the dirt. And sometimes coming up empty handed by the time the sun sets. It’s journaling out your heart, running out your rage tornado, and taking a shower because it’s been three days and hashtag self-care, amirite?

Healing is about honoring your past wounds and realizing that, despite it all, you’re still growing wildflowers.

Welcome to Where She Grows. I’m happy you’re here.

Here's the thing about healing though...

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* still growing wildflowers

Oh Alisha! This book is the most beautiful and captivating collection of poems. I couldn’t stop, I read the whole book in one sitting. The emotions and feeling captured are raw, real and genuine. Anyone who has been through abuse, neglect or abandonment needs to read this. It should be the new step 1 for healing after trauma. Thank you Alisha for moving my soul and letting us know it’s okay we are all still growing ♥️


-`Ilikea Arakaki
* still growing wildflowers

This book is lovely, heart wrenching and vulnerable. Highly recommend to have on your shelf as a piece of art. Alisha truly has a way with words and touches your soul. xx

Raw, beautiful poetry.

This book made my whole day stop. To do list set aside, glass of wine poured, just reading, absorbing, feeling. Alisha's writing is stunning. The raw emotion that she so lovingly pours onto the page is beautifully heartbreaking and terrifyingly relatable. As her poetry meanders through a cycle of hurting and healing, it will bring laughter and tears. Set aside a chunk of time because this is a book you want to pay attention to and digest.

Beautifully Heartbreaking.

Karlie *The Lovers

"A spell binding concoction of love poems that brings you through the beautiful, yet sometimes heartbreaking and haunting, transition of relying on love and peace from your past lovers to learning to find that love and peace and beauty in yourself. Alisha’s work is amazing. She’s the ‘Taylor Swift’ of poetry."

Beautiful and haunting...

Lacey *The Lovers

Once again, Alisha has produced a book of words sculpted from pain, beauty, understanding, growth and healing. Each poem blossoms into an overall message of self love and self healing. A must read for anyone who has looked in others to find themselves.

A beautiful book of self love, discovery and healing.

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Being seen, heard, held, and honored for who you are in this exact moment is some of the most healing medicine on the planet. My poetry book, Still Growing Wildflowers was born from sharing my life through what I call poetic medicine. Writing has always been a way for me to express myself and release emotions that are too heavy to carry. In the process, I found that I love myself just the way I am. And that’s what I hope for you; loving you starts with you.

let it out. give the thunder something to shake about