October 23, 2023

10 Shadow Work Journal Prompts from The Worst of Me poetry book

Writing is such a great way to gain self-awareness, so I’m starting a series of shadow work journal prompts inspired by my fourth poetry collection, The Worst of Me. The Worst of Me is what one dedicated reader called, “a rare view into someone’s dark side” and I couldn’t agree more!

How to use the Shadow Work Journal Prompts

Using these journal prompts is easy! Just read the poem included, then choose a prompt (or all!) from the list, then write furiously in a notebook of your choosing.

Here’s the poem:

I think I’ve created a monster
that wanders through the streets
never not hungry
terribly thirsty
an unquenchable beast
picking up men one by one and taking them to bed – maybe this one is the last one, she says as she chomps down on his head:

this one leaves a sting as he travels down my throat
this one leaves me lonely – he’s so bitter that I choke
this one is too salty
this one is too sweet
this one called me, “darlin’“ and
this one left me beat

I think I’ve created a monster
that wanders through the streets
this one is
violently pestiferous
and I think the worst
is me

Dark Journal Prompts for Accepting & Understanding Yourself

  1. Reflect on the idea of creating a “monster” within oneself. What behaviors or habits do you consider “monstrous”, and how do they affect your life?

  2. How do you define the “monster” within you? What steps can you take to embrace and integrate this part of yourself in a healthy way?

  3. How do you relate to the concept of “never not hungry” and “terribly thirsty”? In what ways do you seek satisfaction or fulfillment?

  4. What desires or cravings do you find difficult to satisfy or control?

  5. Think about the various men described in the poem. How do they represent different experiences or relationships in your life?

  6. Reflect on the line “this one leaves a sting as he travels down my throat.” How do you navigate feelings of pain or discomfort in your relationships?

  7. How do you relate to the concept of “loneliness” in the poem? In what ways do you cope with feelings of isolation or emptiness?

  8. Consider the idea of being “violently pestiferous.” How do you handle feelings of annoyance, anger, frustration, or aggression?

  9. How do you confront and accept the darker aspects of yourself?

  10. Write about a situation where you felt like you were “wandering through the streets.” How did you find your way back to yourself?

shadow work journal prompts from the worst of me poetry book

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