August 8, 2022

this week love looked like * a summertime love poem


an open door
open arms
tequila and smoke and a sunrise in Colorado then
send me your location so I can check on you while you drive
how long are you in town? of course you can stay
(i can get a hotel for a few days)
((don’t be stupid))
morning mountain air
do you see the moose?
just spending time with you
I’m really happy you’re here
they want to meet you. I want you to meet them
I want to meet them too
a pop-up book shop in a parking lot
falling asleep to nature documentaries
running into the night half-dressed just to feel the rain
do you want coffee?
come have a beer with me
next time we’ll go camping
free spicy chicken
pizza and beer
we should have a barbecue while you’re here
(can I bring something?)
((can I help?))
give me your number so we can stay in touch
((we should check out your car before you leave and make sure everything is running right))
climbing a sycamore tree at midnight
dinner plans?
did you make it home?
miss you
miss you back