August 21, 2022

let me tell you all the ways i love you * love poems from The Lovers Poetry Book

let me tell you all the ways I love you:

first is the way your eyes become a brighter green when they see me after too many months of talking yourself out of calling
(you’re an idiot you know, I kept waiting)
the next is how you protect the ones you love: your family. both by blood and by choice. and I wish you loved yourself like that – wish you knew that I would love you til death – no ring.
the third is the way you tell me about the books you read
((it’s the shit, really, just fucking read it))
so I do because it’s you
and you’re right
four is the way you adore me for no reason other than
((you’re alisha))
like that’s enough
five is the way you make me feel alive and more myself than I ever have been
I loved you then and I love you still
always will