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Nature makes people happy

How do you know if you’re spending too much time inside? For starters, how much time do you spend outside? If it’s less than 20 minutes a day, then you may be spending too much time inside. Frequent sickness, moodiness, anxiety, restlessness, muscle weakness, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, and fatigue are all signs of spending too much time indoors as well. Who knew?

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Six Ways to Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature was super easy when we lived in the country—we had forty acres, so I just walked outside and was basically surrounded with it. Now we live in the suburbs, and while this isn’t new for me, connecting with nature takes a more conscious effort. So here are six simple ways you can connect with some nature today:

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How to Raise Monarch Butterflies

I’ve had a love of butterflies since like, ever. I guess my nickname when I was younger was “butterfly”, probably because I was just kind of super weird or something, but also fun to watch? I don’t really know. Anyway, last year I was out looking at our wild blackberry canes and turned around to see a faded Monarch flying around the same few plants.

I thought I was seeing things because April is far too early to be seeing Monarchs in Missouri. But, I got closer and realized that I wasn’t that crazy and that yes, I was seeing a Monarch. She had found milkweed that was only a few inches tall and was quickly moving all around the plants, laying eggs.

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