we are so much more than skin and bones.  
I am not my body. 
I am my soul

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Journal prompts for 2020. rnaling is one of my favorite ways to process and manifest, so here are some journal prompts for you to use or create a vision board around!


Ways to clear your energy: a quick guide. What is energy? Everything is made of energy. That’s not just some woo-woo stuff, it’s actually science…and ever since I started learning about vibration and frequency, I’ve been interested in learning more about energy. “Energy is your body’s magic! It is your life force. You keep it […]


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Writing things out is one of the ways I process things and so I’ve created a list of 50+ journal prompts for healing and self-discovery. Feel free to save these and print for your personal use! What are some of my favorite holiday traditions? What new traditions do I want to make? How can I […]


I left the religion I was raised in. And while that may not seem like a big deal to some people, it was a *big deal in being raised in an orthodox, authoritative religion. I wrote about it here, and now, I’m getting more comfortable in *not knowing things. I don’t know what I believe, […]


“Are you getting better?”

If I could count the number of times I was asked that question or how often it was implied with “how are you doing?”

But the thing is, I wasn’t sick. 

I just stopped going to church. 

And I haven’t talked about it much–losing your religion is a deeply personal and lonely transformation. And it’s not a change that is looked at as growth or welcomed with love, but it’s looked at as a failure of faith.