October 11, 2021

10+ Instagram Poets You Maybe Haven’t Heard Of

I’ve always been a writer and started writing songs when I was fifteen. Now as an [kind of] adult, I love creating poetry because it’s like writing a song, but without the music. I took a creative writing class my senior year of high school and I remember the teacher asking us to read different poems and interpret them.

Literally every time it was my turn to interpret a piece I got it “wrong”. The thing is though, I love poetry because it’s pretty ambiguous. It’s allowed to mean whatever it means to you. Thanks to the internet and Instagram poets and the new “micro poetry” trend, more people are writing poetry and more people are sharing it with others.

You’ve probably heard of J. Iron Word, Yung Pueblo, Rupi Kaur, Morgan Harper Nichols, Courtney Peppernell, and Jennae Cecelia…so in no particular order, I’m sharing 10+ poets on Instagram that you maybe haven’t heard of yet.

Nargis Hassanali

Poet | Nature Lover | Tea enthusiast
Writer for the hopeful ✨
Poetry prints available, Dm for purchase

Boomie Bol

writer. poet. speaker. debut poetry collection “paper heart” now available on most major online book retailers including all global Amazon sites.

Amy Elizabeth

poet & moon child
new jersey
taurus sun, virgo moon, libra rising.
•for more poems & soul work ☟

Shel Poetry

☪︎ anxiety & depression relief ☪︎
Shop my book and poetry merch

Jenn Dessert

taurus woman | libra moon | virgo rising | word weaver | heat seeker | fire walker | love notes | wildly inconvenient

Randina Writes

A safe space⚡️A writing place
Healing + rising, together ♡
Trauma⚡️Sexual abuse⚡️Self acceptance
Face: a poetry and art collection available

Sez Kristiansen

⚘ nature poet ☽
•as above•
•ʍolǝq os•
books / courses / meditations / podcast

Jessica Jocelyn

mother | california girl | thirty-something | survivor
debut poetry collection on amazon
‘chasing wildfires’

Kim Joanna Robinson

Poet | Writer | Reiki Practitioner
✨ I write about spirituality, hope & love
spreading positivity & kindness

Payton Olivia

words, simply, are a little like love
first book coming soooooon

Georgia Stavs

⋒ author of is she & dear warrior
writer | artist | encourager | wildflower


as of the date of writing this, all poets have under 10k followers on Instagram.