August 24, 2021

Take me to the water


Sometimes my poems come from songs and sometimes my songs come from poems. This is one of those, enjoy a poorly lit, imperfect jam sesh in my living room. 20 points if you can name the children’s movie that has the line “I’m the bad guy”

You and I’ve been breaking bones since we met
Hard to love but both desperate for it
You say you love me, yeah you, you really love me then why don’t you show it
I’ve got blood on these tired hands and I’m done with runnin

take me to the water oh
Take me to the sea
I’m the devil’s daughter
You won’t bury me
But you can try

I’m the bad guy yeah I’m the bad guy but you aren’t good too
And all the lies you speak about me say more about you
You’ve got blood on your broken hands arent you tired of the fightin

You say Eve was a wicked thing when you know damn well she’s the Queen