dear diary

December 10, 2021

shit i did in 2021

I guess we could call this my “year in review”, but to be honest, that sounds like I’m watching a slideshow presentation in 2006. So, instead, here’s some shit I did in 2021 that I’m pretty happy I did:


I officially started the new year divorced—it was finalized towards the end of December 2020, but I didn’t actually find that out until the middle of January. I shared this post: My last few years have unconsciously been about survival, sugar-coated with words like “grow” and “free” when I felt like I was suffocating. This year is about . The rebirth of myself, my relationships, my career, my loves, my dreams. I will disappoint everyone else before I disappoint myself again.


Survived the polar vortex. Wrote this song:


Self-published my second poetry book and planted a patio garden with the boys. Made the Dean’s list.

ft. the original cover


Simply celebrated in being alive and living in gratitude for where life was compared to the year before. Celebrated my independence.


Nominated as one of the contestants of “Best Local Author” in Kansas City.


Had an infinite amount of pool days and got this sign:

wrote this song.


The month of Adventures. Our first community pool party. First road trip as a new family of three to help my brother and his family move, then to see my sister in her town. Visited Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson River Shut-ins. Started my revival road trip from Missouri to Oregon.


Took a road trip from Kansas City, Missouri to Portland, Oregon. (I made an IG highlight here), but here’s a photo dump too. You know how on road trips you sometimes make an unspoken friendship with the people behind because they cock-block cars for you to pass and you just like, end up driving for hours together, but not together? Yeah, me too. My only regret is that I didn’t ask those guys to be friends irl. Oh and here’s a reel and here’s a reel.

Won runner up as “Best Local Author” KC.

Wrote this song. (the devil’s daughter)


Rested, mostly.


If you know, you know.


Utah. if you know you know. Bodega Jesus watches over me now. Celebrated my sister’s marriage. Hung out with my siblings. Turned 34.


honestly, December is for reflecting, recovering, and doing nothing and tryna to survive until the solstice.

but I wrote this song:

There were so many beautiful, heart-filling moments this year. Some that cannot be written down, but I love those moments. If you were part of my life this year, thank you ♥