Still Growing Wildflowers

That's what we're calling this book. Still Growing Wildflowers...because despite all of the life that happens to us, no matter how many times we get thrown down or pushed aside, we get back up again. We keep growing. And that's just beautiful. 

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— lacey, @theforestfarmhouse

Beautifully Heartbreaking. This book made my whole day stop. To do list set aside, glass of wine poured, just reading, absorbing, feeling. Alisha's writing is stunning. The raw emotion that she so lovingly pours onto the page is beautifully heartbreaking and terrifyingly relatable. As her poetry meanders through a cycle of hurting and healing, it will bring laughter and tears. Set aside a chunk of time because this is a book you want to pay attention to and digest.

what people are saying:

— jessica, @frank.and.lime

A beautiful collection of poems. I devoured every line. Still Growing Wildflowers is so beautifully written. I absolutely loved every word. I couldn't put it down.

— Amanda, @wildsoulhealing

Beautifully written! I received this beautiful book last night and could not put it down. Her words are beautiful, raw, and so real. This book was beautifully written.

— Amanda l.

Perfection. Pain
And everything in between.
Beautifully written and relatable to every human.