December 17, 2019

Journal Prompts

Writing things out is one of the ways I process things and so I’ve created a list of 50+ journal prompts for healing and self-discovery. Feel free to save these and print for your personal use!

Journal Prompts for Healing and Self-discovery

  1. What are some of my favorite holiday traditions?

  2. What new traditions do I want to make?

  3. How can I feel less alone this season?

  4. Who can I invite into my life?

  5. What is your favorite houseplant? Learn about it.

  6. How can I continue to be a light?

  7. Am I letting people use me as an emotional and energetic punching bag?

  8. Where do I need healing?

  9. Write a letter to yourself of all the things you wish you heard, but haven’t yet.

  10. How can I rest and recharge in this busy season?

  11. What are you naturally drawn to?

  12. If you had a free day to do anything, how would you spend it?

  13. What do people ask your advice on? When do people come to you? What are some of your gifts?

  14. What have you been labeled “weird” for?

  15. What do you spend time reading or studying about?

  16. What elements are you drawn to? Crystals? Herbs? Oils? Tarot or numerology? The moon? Vibration and frequency? Choose one and learn about it for a couple of weeks.

  17. What am I grateful for today?

  18. What are my challenges right now? Where can I find gratitude in them? Where is acceptance needed?

  19. Where am I uprooting? Where do I need to put my roots back in order to keep growing?

  20. Where do my thoughts wander? Are they resistant, victimizing, or pessimistic?

  21. What do I want my gratitude practice to look like? Create a gratitude journal page.

  22. What does gratitude mean to me? In what ways can I show more gratitude?

  23. Create a list of 100 things you’re grateful for.

  24. What are the things I need to say no to in order to make room for “yes” moments?

  25. Write a thank you letter to the universe daily or before bed for one week and notice how your energy changes.

  26. Where do I feel like there is not “enough” in my life? How can I change my mindset around these things? Choose one and write a thank you letter to the Universe surrounding the thing you’re actually not feeling that grateful about.

  27. Make a list of “yes” things and “no” things–take note of how certain events change your energy and ask yourself why they do

  28. What has been inspiring you lately? Make a list of things you’re good at-(then say, “thank you!”)

  29. What are some kind things people have said about you? If you can’t think of any, ask a few people!

  30. What are some things you like about yourself? (regardless of whether or not other people like them?)

  31. Create a mood tracker in your journal

  32. What are some of your favorite inspo quotes?

  33. What are some of your loop thoughts or behaviors?

  34. What boundaries do I need to create with myself?

  35. What boundaries do I need to create with my unhealthy relationships?

  36. What are some memorized emotions that you’d like to change?

  37. Where did these emotions, behaviors, and thoughts come from?

  38. What brings you joy?

  39. What would you do if you were BRAVE?

  40. What scary things would you like to do more of?

  41. What is one of the most empowering things you’ve done?

  42. What new things would you like to learn?What is holding you back?

  43. In what situations have you let your power slip away? How you can you reclaim that power?

  44. In what ways have you made yourself small?

  45. Write out your anger and frustrations (this is a great way to release them and make space for new energy) You can write a letter to someone–you don’t even have to give it to them, but that way you can release some of those feelings.

  46. What are some of my favorite songs or quotes to help bring me out of my low-vibe environment?

  47. What is my truth?

  48. If I could send a message to the world, what would it be?

  49. What are my basic human values?

  50. What do I believe?

  51. What gets me excited about life?

  52. How can this help me?

  53. How can this help the people around me?

  54. Where do I limit myself?

  55. What am I afraid of?

  56. Check-in with your body and your emotions; How do you feel right now? Why do you feel this way?

  57. What are some limiting beliefs you have about yourself? How can you change them to a growth mindset?

  58. Write a love letter to yourself.

  59. Make a list of all the things that bring you joy then do one each day.

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