August 9, 2021

Are your eyes gray or green


are your eyes grey or green?

I can’t seem to place it

you tell me they are green and I should know this because the men with green eyes always pull me in and you joke that maybe I am colorblind

but maybe your eyes are making me nervous with the way you keep taking me in like you’re watching a stormy summer sunset while smoking a cigarette

it’s not the same as the men on the street who undress me with their eyes and even though we are both naked in this bed your eyes are on mine

oh my god, it makes me nervous

I can barely look at my eyes in the mirror for longer than it takes to apply my mascara and you are breathing me in like it’s the first time you’ve tasted the moon

and you tell me to stop looking away but I have never had anyone look at me for so long with so much tenderness like you are planting wildflowers with your lips

you see me

and your love is filling me up so quickly that I’m afraid my skin will break open and you’ll see that I am nothing but weeds