April 18, 2022

dear me from two years ago,

dear me from two years ago,

I need you to be brave. This is what it is to live from LOVE. This is what it is to live from hope. No, you don’t know what will happen. Yes, I’ve heard the things they’ve said about you. No, they will never stop talking about you. Yes, you will lose the ones you’ve fought your whole life to keep, but the thing is, you will never make them happy. And there are other eyes watching you now. They see the way she’s withering. They should not have to watch her be buried alive. They need you to stay – and by stay I mean stay: not just living but alive. life is better with you here, no matter what the others say. so stay – but go.

I love you,


p.s. yes it will hurt.
but it will also heal.

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