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This whole post is a trigger: pregnancy + loss.

August is a weird month for me. For everyone in our family really. It’s the month our oldest sister was born and also the month that she gave birth to her first born and died. I’m not really sure what order those last two things happened. And every year I think I won’t mention this story…but I’m putting it out there again. We all process pain differently, and one of my ways is through talking about what happened rather than keeping it trapped inside.

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Introducing The Growth Co.

It seems that nobody talks about the identity crisis some of us go through after marriage and babies. I felt invisible. I felt like I was drowning. I had unhealed wounds that caused me to shrink back into silence because it was more comfortable than speaking up for myself...until it wasn’t anymore. I got to the point where I wished I would disappear.

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Nature makes people happy

How do you know if you’re spending too much time inside? For starters, how much time do you spend outside? If it’s less than 20 minutes a day, then you may be spending too much time inside. Frequent sickness, moodiness, anxiety, restlessness, muscle weakness, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, and fatigue are all signs of spending too much time indoors as well. Who knew?

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Should we be using palo santo?

when I learned about palo santo over a year ago I read that it is harvested from naturally dead trees or limbs making this a sustainable alternative to white sage. To have the greatest effect, sticks should be made from trees that have been dead at least 4-10 years.

Now fast forward to a year+ later I’ve been seeing posts sharing concerns over people using palo santo--

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