dear diary

November 30, 2021

a birthday post

You say Eve was a wicked thing when you know damn well she’s the Queen proud to be a shining example of exactly what not to do the last 34 years #blacksheepqueens

But really. Around my birthday I always think of all the people I’ve disappointed and the mistakes I’ve made. But why tho?

So here’s a list of things I’m proud of doing this year:

  • letting go

  • creating a haven for my little wolves

  • realizing that what I want is enough

  • realizing that who I am is enough

  • taking the time to really be alone

  • creating a beautiful life and being grateful for where it is now and where it has the potential to be

  • accepting love

  • giving love

  • trying new things

  • making time for adventures

  • being kind to my mind and my body

  • publishing a second poetry book

  • going back to school even tho I hate it lol

  • choosing me

And I hope you choose you too