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a heartbreaking journey of self-love and healing

"The way this poetry book embraces instead of shames our human nature to have many great loves - and encourages us to become our own great love is phenomenal."

"Each word, each sentence, each page is hauntingly beautiful. I couldn’t put these books down."

every lover held a mirror to my insecurities and loving them led to loving me

The Lovers poetry book became what one of my friends described as, “a spell-binding concoction of love poems that brings you through the beautiful, yet sometimes heartbreaking and haunting transition of relying on love and peace from your past lovers to learning to find that love and peace and beauty in yourself.”

During my separation/divorce, I had past lovers who helped me reconnect to old parts of myself that I had buried or lost, and new lovers who helped me open my eyes to see myself in a way I hadn’t before.

If you’re going through a breakup, divorce, or simply want to reconnect to yourself and self-love through poetry, then The Lovers is for you.

for the ones who are on a self love journey

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After my divorce, I intentionally decided to not date and spent over a year learning to love myself again; what I liked to eat, what I liked to cook, how I liked to dress, what I liked to do, listen to, and watch. I went back to school full-time, took a hand-building pottery class, and spent a lot of Friday nights alone. And it was through this reflection and self-love journey that The Lovers was created.

If you’re someone who is going through a divorce, separation, or break up, then this poetry book is for you.