an empowering and healing poetry collection

"Each word, each sentence, each page is hauntingly beautiful. I couldn’t put these books down."

"Made of Earth is a beautifully written and raw."

"This poetry will speak to any woman who has loved, who has lost, who has wondered if love is even worth it, and will remind you gently that always, love is always worth it, especially when that love is directed towards yourself."

A brutal & beautiful  
collection of poetry

Alisha’s raw honesty and unapologetic self-expression through her poetry is empowering and inspiring. Her poetry celebrates the power of embracing one's truth, no matter how unconventional it may be. Made of Earth is an invitation to embrace your fierce spirit and break free from your past.

Made of Earth is a brutal and beautiful collection of poetry that explores breaking toxic cycles from the mother wound, father wound, and how we can find self-love and make peace with our past through our connection to our mother earth.

she had healing in her hands and drew her medicine from the dirt

Made of Earth is for the ones who keep loving despite having every reason not to.

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When I published my first poetry book, Still Growing Wildflowers, I had no plans to continue publishing. But fast-forward a separation, a divorce, and a few years later, I suddenly had a three-part healing poetry series, ending here with Made of Earth. Divided into three parts, this poetry collection shares a journey of self-love and healing from a traumatic past, all rooted in our connection to the Earth.

the womb is where it begins; from the roots. This section highlights how our childhood relationships and experiences with our parents shape our future relationships.

unearth / rebirth highlights toxic relationship patterns and uprooting the old belief systems and cycles that we learned from the womb. It is also a revival of the womb; a celebration of learning to accept love and give healthy love not just to others, but to ourselves.

the remedy is the hope and healing that comes from our connection to mother earth and being true to our authentic selves.

It was written for the ones who refuse to be tamed: the black sheep queens and cycle-breakers. For the ones who keep loving despite having every reason not to.

PS. if you’re just now finding my poetry or just beginning your healing journey, then I recommend starting with Still Growing Wildflowers and working your way through the series.