Three Simple Ways to Live Intentionally: What changed?


January 13, 2020

Alisha Christensen

What are some simple ways to live intentionally?

Confession: I love the internet. Seriously. Without it, I wouldn’t have met so many beautiful humans that I get to call my friends:

Friends who check in with you just to see how you’re doing and not to sell a product or ask for anything.

Friends who ask you questions that make you reflect on what’s going right and what needs to change.

Friends who are real and raw and help you to see things from another perspective.

Friends who cheer you on from a place of appreciation for what you’re doing instead of judgment for what you’re not.

Friends who don’t necessarily have mother figures they can look up to, but learned how to love and mother themselves–and by doing that have shown you that you can do it too.

One of these beautiful humans noticed a shift in me that I hadn’t even acknowledged yet–that I felt like light and she asked me what changed and if there had been any major shift.

TBH, I hadn’t thought about it until that moment and here is what I realized: I started being more intentional with myself.

I stopped:

  • reading self-help books and tried just loving myself as I am right now.
  • feeling responsible for every emotion that came out of someone and stopped allowing myself to take on other people’s negative energy #empoweredempaths.

I started:

  • speaking up out of love instead of fear
  • moving my body because it is a gift
  • deciding how I wanted to feel, then embodying that energy (more on that below)
  • intentionally making time to create a few times a week–aka bringing hobbies back into my life
  • scheduling my time and then STICKING TO IT
  • investing in myself and the future I want to create
  • allowing myself to trust the universe again
  • saying “no” to things I WANTED to do so I can do the things that I want to the most…if that makes sense. I feel like we get caught up on doing everything that we end up doing nothing.

What have you stopped doing lately that makes you feel free? What have you started doing?

Maybe you don’t really know where to start–so here are three simple ways to live intentionally:

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Three Simple Ways to Live Intentionally

Now, this isn’t a “to-do” list of self-help. These are just some ideas and if you feel like you should, pick ONE thing to work on this month. Just one.

Choose five things you want to feel this month

Write them down on a post-it note or three. Stick one on your mirror, on your bedside table, in your car–wherever you’re going to see it at least once a day. At the end of the day right down how you embodied or embraced that feeling.

You can keep the same five feelings for months at a time as well! Don’t feel like you need to change it up. Right now, my five words are: accomplished, satisfied, independent, free, light/goddess/whole self, and they’re probably going to stay that way for a while.

Check out these three simple ways to live intentionally if you're feeling like you're just going through life without direction!

create an affirmation or prayer to repeat daily

After leaving my religion I’ve been trying to repair my relationship with prayer as a spiritual practice and not as a confession of all of the things I did wrong that day or a plea to fix me.

Creating my own affirmations help me to reconnect to prayer in a way that feels good to me.

Right now mine morning affirmation is: I am the creator of my happiness. I trust the universe. I trust that as I elevate my life, whatever does not fit will fall away and what is meant to be will stay. I am a magnet for miracles and enormous growth. I am ready to step into my power. I am ready for and embrace the changes coming my way. Thank you for guiding me today as I learn and create. I am ready for today. Thank you, more please.

An affirmation to start your day is a simple way to live intentionally: I am the creator of my happiness. I trust the universe. I trust that as I elevate my life, whatever does not fit will fall away and what is meant to be will stay. I am a magnet for miracles and enormous growth. I am ready to step into my power.

make your life a priority

And by that, I mean, keep commitments to yourself. You probably spend so much of your energy following through on your commitments to other people, projects, and jobs, that you let yourself down. I know, because I’ve done it a thousand times. This month I’ve been focusing hard on being CONSISTENT and it’s given me more confidence because I matter to myself.

That’s it! Three simple ways to live intentionally. What have you been doing?

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  2. Cindy says:

    Love the beautiful colors in your feelings pic-
    ture. You are reinforcing your vibration material with your bare feet. 🙂

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