Travel Log: Capitol Reef National Park


September 28, 2019

Alisha Galbraith


Capitol Reef National Park

Previously the home of the Fremont Nation, relatives of the Pueblo people, then home to the Paiute. (source).

We ended up here in the afternoon and it was HOT. I always suggest going to national parks as early in the morning as possible, or closer to sunset (as long as you’ll be back before the sun actually sets. Don’t get lost now.) But we wanted to hike to the Hickman Bridge since it was one of the shorter, less strenuous trails for our kiddos. There is virtually no shade on this trail, and really, not a ton of shade in the area.

The Area

Okay, so….there is literally nothing but the visitor center in Capitol Reef National Park. No cell service, at all. And that’s okay, but make sure you have FOOD and water because there aren’t any stores or fast food places nearby. We didn’t even see a ranger station to pass through…overall it felt pretty desolate and open. There seemed to be just enough parking where we hiked, and if there wasn’t, people just parked on the sides of the road.

Overall, this for me would be a drive-through area…spend the morning or afternoon hiking, then go on our way…which is basically what we did.

Hickman Bridge

If you don’t have the All Trails app I highly recommend downloading it! That’s how we found this hike! Basically, it’s a natural arch, or bridge in the middle of the desert. Super cool. We met some poor old soul who was looking for an actual man-made bridge.


Remember that it costs money to get into the parks (usually $25 for a day pass, $35 ish for a 3-day pass), but you can buy a year-long pass for $80! We just did this at the first national park we went to.

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