Some Poems


April 6, 2020

Alisha Galbraith

Here I go

up in smoke

while the flames kiss my feet

you’re walking in the street



prayers for the unbelievers and lost sheep

without asking us

if we wanted to be saved

there’s a crunching underneath my feet

the aftermath of fallen leaves

frozen bodies

stripped bare by the wind and snow

turn to dust between my fingers and

I watch them go

We grow up using words like

testify and


when we don’t even know what they mean

and we’ve been fed what should be said

now it’s hard to get our voices back

but we do

and when we speak you scream


it’s late and I can’t sleep in this bed

my feet are freezing like I’m ready to take flight

instead of staying to fight these demons

dancing on the edge of my head and

the adrenaline makes me nauseous

like a caution sign that I fully ignore telling me to stay away and

instead I open the gate.

this energy is not mine to carry

these bones are not mine to bury and you

can kick and scream

how could you do this to me

but I

was standing on the side and this

was never

about me

I’m growing older and I’ve noticed that as the women around me age and go gray they start disappearing into the pages of a book that’s still being written. We hide behind photos of our children, apologize for looking beautiful and feeling good when we’ve spent more than half our lives learning to love ourselves the wrong way; contorting our bodies into shapes and colors we were never meant to be. Is this the story we want to keep writing?

ps. you can grab the poetry book here…that doesn’t have any of the poems from this post, lol.