Signs from the Universe

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January 6, 2020

Alisha Galbraith

How do we get signs from the Universe and what do they look like?

Okay, so signs from the Universe are one of my favorite things to talk about.

I grew up in a religion that taught that people who asked for signs generally had some terrible tragedy fall on them (being struck dumb, being trampled to death, things like that), or that you had to be VERY high authority in order to receive really big signs (and the highest offices of authority are only for men, so basically, only men received really big “signs”).

So basically, I never asked for signs and even after leaving the church I was raised in, I still didn’t ask for signs because I didn’t feel worthyโ€ฆalso maybe some light trauma, worried that if I asked I’d like, get struck down or something.

But after listening to the book Signs by Laura Lynne Jackson (she’s a psychic and a medium), I’ve learned that we are ALL worthy of signs and we still get signs even if we don’t ask for them, but we may not recognize it.

Signs from the universe

Signs from the universe are sent by our loved ones and teams of light on the “other side” and they can come in different ways:

Animals + Insects

Animals/insects, etc. are one of the ways the universe sends us signs. I learned recently that animal guides called aumakua; a family member who has passed in the form of an animal; an owl, shark, hawk, eel–it often depended on the island. But, I believe that they can show up in different forms as well. My sister passed away in August 2013 and the month of August every year is a really emotional time. This past summer, each time I was thinking about my sister I was sent a hummingbird. It was just a beautiful confirmation that she is still around. And when we released our first monarch of the season, I was thinking about her and a hummingbird flew right up to us:

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Recurring numbers

Recurring numbers are also signs from the universe. Most commonly seen are 1111, 222, 333, 555, and 777. I just look up “angel number __” and read about it if I feel like I should. But most of the time, I just look at is as “you’re on the right path.”

Other common signs from the universe

Laura Lynne Jackson calls these “default signs”. They’re often sent because they are easier to recognize. They’re also easier for our loved ones on the other side to manipulate. And this is done using the electromagnetic energy that we are all connected to:

  • birds
  • butterflies
  • rainbows
  • deer
  • electrical events (lights flickering, stuff with your phone like missed phone calls from disconnected numbers)
  • coins
  • pictures + magazines
  • songs
  • feathers
  • ladybugs
  • license plates

You can also get a phrase, idea, gut feeling or thought.

Quick story about license plates: I went to a conference one day and had to drive past the hospital where my sister died. If you knew her then you know her life motto was “I choose to be happy.” On the drive home I was thinking about and missing her more. Right as I drove past the hospital a car cut me off. I was kind of annoyed until I saw the license plate that said HAPPY1. I’m into signs, but I was so surprised and grateful. Things like this are no coincidence.

Asking for specific signs

You can even ask for specific signs from the Universe, and no, you won’t be struck dumb or trampled down or some crazy shit ๐Ÿ™‚ Give your team of light time to create these signs–Laura Lynne Jackson says they’re usually answered within three days, but there are also some things that

Asking for signs is really easy–you just ask as if you would for someone to pass the salt, and you can do this in your mind, out loud, or write it down. I keep a note on my phone of the signs I ask for so I remember and recognize when I get them. Always say thank you when you get your sign!

This year I asked for the sign of three bees to show me if a specific path was right for me–and not just three bees, but three bees in a triangle ish shape…and I got my sign two days later on a label.

Now I’ve asked the Universe to send me signs when I’m on the right path to creating abundance and my dream job.

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