Name Numerology: What is your name’s vibration?


January 30, 2020

Alisha Christensen

Name numerology: what is it? Does your name really have a vibration? The answer is YES and you can figure out what it is in this post!

Not only does your name have a numerical frequency, it also carries a vibration just be speaking it (you can learn more about vibration and frequency in my free mini-guide)

The way others speak your name can be absorbed and become the way you speak about yourself–and you can change this simply by being aware of HOW you say your name and then consciously speaking it differently.

Name Numerology: Find your vibration

“Our names must be regarded as an adopted part of our personality and expression. A name is important because its vibrations become fused with our own…these vibrations exert an influence on our very personality and individuality.”

–David A. Phillips, Ph.D.

Remember; everything is energy and literally everything has a vibration and frequency. To find the overall vibration of your name, you will assign a numerical value to each letter using the table below:

As with all numerology, you reduce the sum of your number until you get a single digit (unless you have a master number: 11, 22, and 33 in this case)

What do the numbers mean?

ONE: divine expression + number of communication
TWO: the duality of humans + the number of intuition
THREE: connection of mind, soul, and body
FOUR: symbolized by the square, number of orderliness, practicality, and organization
FIVE: represents love and freedom of expression
SIX: represents creativity + destruction (stress, anxiety, depression)
SEVEN: a symbol of the temple, 7 chakras, teaching + philosophy
EIGHT: number of wisdom + independence
NINE: ambition, responsibility, and idealism
ZERO: spiritual, considered a symbol rather than a number; representing nothing and everything

Your soul urge or heart’s desire

You find your heart’s desire by adding the vowels of your name together because “vowels are the soul of a word”. The soul urge represents your heart’s desire and shows your spiritual drive and strengths.

ONE: success, individuality, to be accepted, a leader
TWO: love, harmony, compassion, to help others
THREE: creativity, laughter, motivate + heal others
FOUR: security + stability, share knowledge + create value
FIVE: freedom + adventure, a wanderer, show others to embrace life
SIX: community, family, and appreciation
SEVEN: wisdom, solitude, connection to nature + spiritual realm
EIGHT: financial freedom + independence
NINE: idealism + presence, an activist
ELEVEN: healing + peace, help others heal through creativity (11/2)
TWENTY-TWO: master of ideas, practical, teacher (22/4)
THIRTY-THREE: loyalty, family, help others (33/6)

Your personality number or outward expression

Your personality number gives insight into what traits you are born with and how you express yourself in the world.

ONE: ambition, natural leader, self-motivated, can appear stubborn
TWO: honest, friendly, shy, gentle, can appear moody
THREE: intuitive, creative, talkative, can appear manipulative
FOUR: grounded, loyal, mature, can appear boring
FIVE: risk-taker, free-spirit, adaptable, can appear flaky
SIX: balanced, loving, responsible, can appear insecure
SEVEN: intellectual, different, rational, can appear detached
EIGHT: intuitive, strong-willed, efficient, can appear controlling
NINE: influential, magnetic, charming, can appear arrogant
ELEVEN: friendly, loyal, faithful, can appear resistant (11/2)
TWENTY-TWO: reliable, consistent, inspiring, can appear insecure (22/4)
THIRTY-THREE:  confident, harmonious, comforting, can appear a martyr (33/6)

So grab a paper and pencil or download and print the worksheet below!

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