daily self care for digestion.png

self care is healthcare.

Every month I’ll be sharing a simple self-care routine for a specific area and for July we’re focusing on digestion! Because everybody poops. Follow along on Instagram @thegrowth.co

Self-care can be simple and my routines seem to change based on the seasons or what I need at the time. So this is what my little digestive self-care routine looks like.

Lifelong vitality supplements: these create the soil for your oils to work their best magic. Plus, it creates a great framework for your body to work with!

Terrazyme: digestive enzymes for pretty much everything

Mito2max: helps with energy levels and to balance stressful feelings in your body, which can lead to poor digestion

Digestzen: a magical oil blend to help balance your digestive needs

Grapefruit: mostly because it blends will with Digestzen, but also because it's good for digestion

Move your body daily: not as a punishment for what you ate, but because it helps your body function better as a whole. It doesn't have to be anything crazy strenuous. I literally just walk every day and do a couple of planks or pushups before bed.

Zendocrine: helps to support your liver and your body's natural detox processes

Rest + relaxation: because stress messes with your digestive system, and sleep gives your body time to heal.