opt-in subsciption s.png

Now that you're a member there are two ways to order your products: on a standard, one-time order OR on an "Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP)" monthly order by creating a customized subscription box that you can edit each month. This is completely optional, but is one of the best ways to build up your oil stash without breaking the bank! It’s like shopping at your favorite retail store and getting points back towards future purchases!

Here’s how to get points back:

  • Place your subscription box order of 50 points (PV) or more on "LRP" you will start earning points back on your order each month.

  • Place your subscription box order of 125 pv by the 15th of each month on LRP and you'll receive the FREE product of the month.

  • Points are added to your account on the 15th of the next month (so if you order 100 PV in your first month, 10 points will be added to your account on the 15th of following month--unless that falls a on a weekend and then they will be added the next business day)

  • Points are valid for one year after they've been given.

  • You get shipping rewards too! Whatever you spend in shipping you get back in points the following month.