I have a confession to make…


March 10, 2019

Alisha Galbraith

I left my leadership conference a day early.


I was sharing all the adventures, doing all the things, and then boom. Was gone.

And maybe that seems crazy. We drove from Missouri, to North Carolina, to Georgia just to be there. Paid for our tickets, our Airbnb. This was both a time and money investment for us. But here’s the thing; while most people are all about the hustle, I’m working towards alignment.

People who hustle seem to think that people who align just sit there waiting for the abundance they’ve manifested–which may be true for some people. But I recognize that without action, alignment doesn’t happen. So I still work hard like I always have, but I’m not a hustler. I’m not going to shake and break myself to get where I want to go. I’m going to take what works for me and pivot when it’s not working, rather than bulldozing my way to the finish line. It’s kind of like choosing yoga over sprints–both are good forms of exercise, but choose the one that fits you.

I went to leadership with a specific purpose, and after the second day, my inner me was like, ‘yup, you have the answers, you learned what you came to learn.’ I was filled up, tired, missing my babies, and just ready to go. So instead of fighting the inner pull to go back home, I followed it. It wasn’t driven by anxiety or fear, but by intention. There is no way I could have sat through another day and actually receive the information.

Never feel like you need to do all the things to be successful–pick and choose what works for you. I’m so grateful that I work with a company that allows freedom and unlimited growth. Learn more below!

What to expect at doTERRA’s Leadership

doTERRA has two major events each year:

Convention: for all of the people who use doTERRA. You don’t have to be doing the business to attend this and the focus is on education of co-impact sourcing, science, the oils, and impact.

Leadership: for people who are sharing and teaching about essential oils. This is for people who have ranked Silver+ and the focus is on training, building, business tips, etc.

Here is what to expect at leadership:

Plan to spend some time waiting in line for registration. It goes pretty quickly, but depending on how early or late you get there, there will be some wait time. I think we were in line for 30 minutes this year.

There is a swag store—it’s always PACKED the first day, and sometimes things sell out, so if you’re worried about that, get there early. I usually walk through the marketplace, see what’s for sale, and if there is something I want, I pray to the oil gods that it will be there the next day when I don’t have to wait an hour in the checkout line. This year, my prars were answered:

Come with a specific purpose or question you want answered, that way you will know the answer when you hear it! There will be SO much information, so be ready to take notes. The past two times I’ve gone doTERRA has given us a nylon bag with a journal and pen. I brought a backpack this year because it’s easier to keep everything organized.

Make sure to REST, drink water, and bring snacks if you get low blood sugar. I always get massive headaches if I don’t eat enough or go too long without eating, so plan it out. Also, yes, bring oils and a portable charger! Oh, and the lines for the women’s restroom will be SO LONG just FYI.

Plan to walk and decide where you’ll be eating lunch before lunch actually comes. There are usually some places within walking distance, but plan on walking at least 10-20 minutes so wear shoes that are comfy…and then you’ll likely be waiting in line again unless you order ahead of time!

Where to stay

You can always opt for a hotel, but I love finding a cozy Airbnb whenever possible—and it’s usually cheaper! I like to be able to cook my food when I get home instead of ordering out. And for someone who soaks up a lot of energy, it’s nice to get space from everyone after being around thousands of people all day. We stayed in this cute bungalow!

Last year the East-coast leadership was held in Orlando, which I actually liked better…BUT if the East-coast leadership is in Atlanta, GA again, just know that the speed limit does not exist and traffic is the worst. Really, it’s the 9th out of these ten cities, that’s not just me complaining. Though I am complaining that it took us 40 minutes to drive five miles. So definitely take that into account if you’re going to be choosing an Airbnb over a hotel.

Should you go to leadership?

If it feels good to you, then YES. GO. There was some statistic that those who attend are almost 200x more likely to grow their business than those who don’t. But again, alignment over hustle. Do what feels good for you!