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May 24, 2020

Alisha Galbraith

When it comes to doTERRA essential oils there are three ways to use them: aromatically, topically, and internally. If you’re new, here’s a quick crash course before we get into how to use essential oils internally:

how to use essential oils

Aromatic: Smell is the fastest way to alter our mood. Direct inhalation (smelling from the bottle) or diffusing are the fastest ways to do this! Diffusing an essential oil also helps to kill airborne pathogens and cleanse the air.

Topical: Because essential oils are fat-soluble they are easily absornbed into the skin and into the bloodstream. Dilute your essential oil and apply to an affected area to target a specific need (ie: over uterus for cramps, over stomach for digestion)

Internal: Considered the most potent form of delivering essential oils and supports your body in a way that you just don’t get when applying oils topically or using them aromatically. Essential oils are delivered to all organs in the body when ingested via capsule, under the tongue, or via water. This is a great way to support whole body systems (respiratory, digestive, immune + lymphatic, etc.)

why do we use essential oils internally

Even though we ingest essential oils in small amounts daily when we eat, the internal use of essential oils is highly debated. Thankfully, studies are showing the positive benefits of taking essential oils internally. (You can find lots of resources at Aromatic Science). Studies show that using essential oils internally can:

  • support a healthy immune response
  • support healthy cell response
  • soothe the body (some even as well as OTC pain relievers)
  • support a healthy metabolism
  • support mood
  • and support whole body systems

While most of the time we use essential oils aromatically to cleanse the air and shift our mood and topically to target specific areas of the body, internal use of essential oils show holistic benefit to the body, addressing many areas at once!

how much and what do I use?

So how much essential oil do you use? “For internal use, it is best to start with the smallest dose possible, 1-2 drops. From here, the dose can be increased as needed.) source

For an adult, “internal usage ranges from 1-5 drops. Beyond this point, increasing the dose will no longer add benefit, and taking too much can be potentially harmful for the body. It is better for the user to take smaller doses and repeat the dose every 4-6 hours as needed…Typically, no more than 20 drops of essential oil should be consumed internally within a 24-hour period.”

Again, essential oils are powerful and potent plant friends! And they don’t function like a “one and done” pill. We take small amounts over a longer period of time.

Some essential oils should never be taken internally–just because plants are natural doesn’t mean they’re safe to use however you want!

ways to use essential oils internally

My favorite way to use essential oils internally is via a vegetable capsule! It’s easy and it makes me feel like a powerful witch, lol. You can customize your own capsules for specific things you want to target (ie: metabolism support, hormone support, I always make a potion with lemongrass, copaiba, and turmeric during grass pollen season).

for powerful immune support

Adding a drop into your water is another easy way to get the benefits (do not do this with “hot” oils).

information from doTERRA’s ebook on internal use of essential oils. you can download it here.

Cooking and baking is another great way to add essential oils! Check out this beautiful bundt cake recipe with lemon essential oil from Lacey @theforestfarmhouse:

If you have questions you can find me on Instagram @whereshegrows! If you’re curious about joining our essential oil family then click this link!

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