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April 2, 2020

Alisha Galbraith

Can you really grow your doTERRA business online? It’s a question I hear a lot, but the real question is–why wouldn’t you put your business online? It’s 2020 and if you’re a biz, you should have an online presence.

I’ve been selling doTERRA essential oils since January 2017 and in that time I’ve held maybe three or four in-person “classes”. I’ve built to Gold rank, dropped to Silver, down to Premier, and back up to Silver–which is where I am now. I’ve had leaders move on to better things for them, had people just ghost me, and have had customers move on. It’s all love–and it’s all part of growing with doTERRA.

When I started selling doTERRA I lived in a rural community where I didn’t know many people and had two small kiddos–I didn’t want to spend my free moments trying to get people to come to a class…I wanted to spend my free moments educating other moms with young kids about essential oils in a way that they could access it when they had time. So I started sharing online.

I did online classes every Thursday at 7 pm for a year and a half to reach the ranks of silver and gold.

I share my content a little differently now these days (I cover that in the class), but here are a few things I’ve learned about growing your doTERRA business online:

update 01/01/2021 this is now a free resource on youtube

five truths about growing your doTERRA business online

  1. it’s hard! And in my opinion, if you’re starting from ground zero, it may even be harder than growing your business in-person. With in-person interactions, people get to experience the product you offer right then and there and that’s powerful! It’s a little more difficult to create an experience with your product through your social feed, but it’s possible (sending out samples is a good way to do this!)
  2. it’s more than just posting generic content on your Facebook feed. I think we can all agree that we hate it when someone starts sharing their “new business opportunity” on their feed…I’ve been SO guilty of this (barf @ past me). But sharing online is more than just blasting your social feed. It’s about creating conscious content for your people (more on that in my class)
  3. it takes consistent effort and showing up–just like it does in-person. You can’t just post a thing and expect everyone to come running to you. YOU have to be the one to make moves; interact with other accounts and the people who interact on your posts (in a real way of course–not “what’s in it for me”, but a “how can I support them?”)
  4. you’ll reach people you never thought you could reach! I remember waking up to a message from a follower in Australia saying that she wanted to enroll and learned so much from my free, online education in the last six months (six months guys–and I had no idea she was watching). She’s now one of my dearest friends.
  5. no matter what anyone says, you can create authentic connections online. some of my best friends live on the internet. I’ve been able to meet a handful of them in real life, and I’m looking forward to meeting so many more!

So–how do you build your doTERRA biz online? This is something I’m asked a lot, so I created an online class for you! Here’s an excerpt from one of the lessons:

Branding yourself vs being a Brand Rep 

You always hear network marketers say, “You need to be a product of the product”, but I’m going to tell you something a little different: 

Sure, you need to use the product, understand the product, have a passion for what you share, and a belief in the company…

But the truth is, people can buy doTERRA from anyone. They can literally just get on doTERRA’s website and buy essential oils. So why should they buy it from you? 

This is where Branding Yourself comes in versus being a Brand Rep (aka product of the product). By branding yourself you help yourself stand out from other people with your clear message and marketing. 

Branding is more than just what people SEE. It’s also what people FEEL when they see you and your brand.

You might be wondering, “why is branding important?” First of all, it helps you stand out from the sea of other people selling and sharing essential oils. Second, it helps people know what to expect from you and gives you a baseline to work from. Third, it helps to create community. Combined, they create your brand vibe.

I cover this and more in my class The Essential Oil Guide.

Let me tell you what this guide is not:

  • this guide won’t do the work for you: this gives you guidance and tools to build a solid foundation to work from that is not limited to essential oils.
  • this guide does not give you scripts for teaching–you need to find your message and do the work and honestly, your message might never be something you can easily memorize.
  • this guide does not give you all the details for building on every social media platform (there are some BONUS sections with social media info though)
  • there are no promises that you’ll reach rank in a specific timeframe
  • this doesn’t go over the compensation plan or how to structure your biz

This is a self-paced guide:

Modules are set up to be used a week at a time, but who am I to limit you? If you want to go fast, then go fast. If you want to take two weeks or more on a module that’s up to you! You have lifetime access and you can log in from any device because this is 2020 and thank the gods that this site is responsive. Access it from any device!


How much money do you really make? Do you actually get paid?

The answer is yes, I do get paid, but the amount varies on the sales for the month. As a brand new Gold I made about $2000 a month. (My first check from doTERRA was just over $14–I thought it was crazy that I actually got paid!!) The figures below are from the higher end of each rank:

Are there any free resources for building with doTERRA?

Yes! doTERRA has tons of free training on their business page and for those who are enrolled in doTERRA as “wellness advocates”.

How long does it take to reach a rank?

This varies from person to person–some rank up very quickly. I think I shared education and content online for six months before I started seeing consistent progress.

Do I have to be good at sales?

I think you need to be good at creating connections with people and a teacher–if you focus on both of these then “sales” will come naturally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn all you can.

“Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.”

Have you ever wondered how to grow your doTERRA business online when you're just starting out? Then this is the class you're going to want to take!

I don’t want to sell, but I do want oils–how do I buy from you?

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I do want to sell doTERRA–how do I do this?

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