How to find your personal year number

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December 19, 2019

Alisha Galbraith

How do you find your personal year number and what is it?

numbers “represent aspects of what it is to be human.”

–David A. Phillips, Ph.D.

You probably see the same sequence of numbers–I see these as signs from our teams of light and signs that we are on the right path. Numbers are just one of the ways the universe communicates with us. Maybe you see 11:11 on the clock a lot, or if you’re like me, 9:11 (the lightworker number). I even see the date I was born–11:30 and the time I was born 12:28.

I think numerology is one of the coolest things and probably the only “math” I really understand. According to Pythagoras, each number has a metaphysical meaning and I’ve been learning about it through The Complete Book of Numerology: Discovering the Inner Self.

ONE: divine expression + number of communication
TWO: the duality of humans + the number of intuition
THREE: connection of mind, soul, and body
FOUR: symbolized by the square, number of orderliness, practicality, and organization
FIVE: represents love and freedom of expression
SIX: represents creativity + destruction (stress, anxiety, depression)
SEVEN: a symbol of the temple, 7 chakras, teaching + philosophy
EIGHT: number of wisdom + independence
NINE: ambition, responsibility, and idealism
ZERO: spiritual, considered a symbol rather than a number; representing nothing and everything

There is a LOT to numerology that I don’t know, but one of my favorite things to do each year is to find the number of the year as well as what my personal year number will be.

In numerology, life cycles in 9-year paths, and though we all feel the same universal energy of the year, each of us also feels an individual energy based on our personal year number and vibration.

How to find your life path number

First, you’ll need to find your life path number or your ruling number. This describes your personality on a basic level (you can find more about that here

If you figure this out your life path number then you can just click the link at the end of this section to find your personal year, OR you can keep going and figure it out through this post!

So to find your life path number you’ll need your birthday.

We write our birthday out in mm/dd/yyyy format, then add each number together: m+m+d+d+y+y+y+y= [number]

If you end up with a double-digit number that is greater than ten, you add each digit down until you reach a single digit (unless you have a “master number” which are 10, 11, 22.)

personal number

Here is mine for an example:

My birthday is: 11/30/1987
So I add: 1+1+3+0+1+9+8+7=30
Then I reduce the double-digit to a single by adding them together: 3+0=3

My life path number or ruling number is 3.

Once you’ve found your life path number you can go to this post and see your 2020 forecast:

How to find the universal year number

Each year there is an underlying energy felt by everyone on the planet–this is the vibration of the current year. 2020 is a year four ( this is found by adding the digits of the current year).

2020: 2+0+2+0=4

The universal year number is four.

So this year is carrying the energy of stability, practicality, and getting things done, which may be much needed after a year three, especially if you found yourself breaking out of mental, physical, and spiritual cycles.

BUT because we all have different LIFE PATH numbers, we will all experience a different vibration along with the vibration of 2020. So, how do you know what the vibration or number will be for you?

How to find your personal year number

You’ve found out your life path (ruling) number. Now we’re going to use your birth month and birthday with the universal year number to find where you are in your 9-year cycle. This is fun because all of our numbers are going to be different because we are all on different paths.

m+m+d+d= [number]

[number]+[universal year] = [personal year]

So we’ll use my birthday again for an example:

My birth month plus birthday is 11/30: 1+1+3+0=5

5+4 (the universal year)= 9

So my personal year is a 9…I’m in the final year of the 9-year cycle!

What the personal years represent

Now that you know what your personal year number is, you can learn more about what to expect in the coming year!

Personal years:
1: an active year of adjustment + breaking old habits
2: spiritual growth, intuition + emotional awareness
3: mental growth + expansion
4: strength + stability
5: freedom, psychic awareness + personal expression
6: creativity, home + personal relationships
7: focus + learning through personal experience
8: spiritual independence + wisdom
9: year of change + breaking cycles

While each year seems relatively positive and hopeful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be an easy year.

Some examples from my personal years:

  • 2016. Personal year 5. Spent lots of time doing homestead things, learning about plants, adventuring to Arkansas, discovered kinda hippie, kinda witchy things, worked a lot on remodeling the house we lived in, started wearing what I wanted vs. what my religion told me I could wear.
  • 2017. Personal year 6. More creative things, learned to electroform jewelry. Went through a depression. Personal relationships were okay on the surface/to public eye, but not great.
  • 2018. Personal year 7. Personal relationships tanked, learned so much about myself and my experiences/therapy. Left my religion. Set hard boundaries.
  • 2019. Personal year 8. Feel good. Developing spiritual practices that feel good to me. Learning as much as I can about emotions, spirituality, and physical health for me.

For me 2020 will be the beginning and end of the 9-year cycle: the year of change and breaking cycles, and tbh, I’m a little terrified because my year ahead reading was also super intense. The last four years have been years where I’ve changed and broken cycles…and it was hellish. I mean, the end transformation is amazing of course, but it’s hard to see that when you’re going through it. So I’ve been laying low for the past couple of months, just enjoying where I am right now.

Here’s to 2020! Let me know what your life path number is and what your year is this year!

Some sources for learning more:

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