How to create a spiritual practice

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December 17, 2019

Alisha Galbraith

I left the religion I was raised in.

And while that may not seem like a big deal to some people, it was a *big deal in being raised in an orthodox, authoritative religion.

I wrote about it here, and now, I’m getting more comfortable in *not knowing things. I don’t know what I believe, but I know what I don’t believe.

I’m not looking for another religion; historically, religion was created as a means of control anyway, and I’m not into it. But I HAVE been looking for ways to connect spiritually and deepen my intuition. Turns out having a spiritual practice also has health benefits!

What is a spiritual practice

Religion is generally a set way to live and worship–you follow that in order to get into heaven, and this can include spirituality. But a spiritual practice can exist outside of religion and is anything that brings you closer to your true self and the universal god-energy (what I refer to as god). That’s it–pretty simple, but you can also make it as elaborate as you want.

List of spiritual practices

(but probably not a definitive list)

  • prayer
  • chanting
  • affirmations
  • journaling
  • yoga
  • exercise
  • dance
  • spending time in nature
  • meditation
  • expressing gratitude
  • aromatherapy
  • cleansing
  • bathing
  • breathwork
  • setting intentions each day
  • surrendering
  • moon ceremonies
  • sun ceremonies
  • lighting candles
  • asking for signs
  • creating
  • sex
  • service + giving

Tips to create your own spiritual practice

When you wake up and when you go to bed ask yourself what you need

Maybe you need to spend five minutes meditating or listening to soothing music. Or maybe you need to get up and move to your favorite music or use a couple of your favorite grounding oils. Maybe you start with a prayer, intention, or affirmation.

Start with ONE thing

Too often when I’m ready to change something, I throw my whole weight at it. Start small and keep it consistent. If you feel called to practice meditation, do that for a week or two. If you feel like you want to light a candle each night for a loved one, then do that.

Set reminders

If you have trouble keeping commitments to yourself, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do the thing or keep post-it notes around your house, on the mirror, on the door, in your car, or as your phone screensaver.

Recognize that your spiritual practices will grow and change as you do

I was amazing at gratitude journaling for a solid year–now I do it less. Not because I’m less grateful, but because it’s easier for me to be grateful in ordinary, everyday moments. I still journal, but now I have a few words that I’m focused on that I keep on a sticky note in my journal to write out before bed; how have I felt free + independent today? How have I felt accomplished? How have I felt light/the goddess/creative energy? How have I felt my whole self?

Be forgiving of yourself

Because some days you’re going to forget. Maybe even for weeks and months–and sometimes you’re not going to care at all about a spiritual practice. That’s okay. Be forgiving of yourself.

What does your spiritual practice look like lately?