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Where She Grows
Down to Earth Self Care with Earth + Essential Oils

“…but the thing is you didn’t bloom for them.

you bloomed for you.”


Think of your healing as a seed; you’re pushed into the dirt and everything is dark for a while. Some days you feel like you’re literally drowning, but you start to soften up. Then the soil around you starts to warm, you feel the sun, and start to break out of your shell, pushing a little further each day, even when it rains. You keep growing through the weeds and the wind. And then one day, you bloom. Not everyone will notice. Some wont even care, and there will be others who won’t even like you. But the thing is, you didn’t bloom for them. You bloomed for you.

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I’m just a regular human empowering you to care less about what people say about and more about how you feel.

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healing starts from the roots

Social media is full of fitness influencers, people telling you what to eat, how to dress, how to work out, but very few people are talking about wellness and how it goes beyond what you look like or put into your body. It’s how you feel about yourself, how you talk about yourself, and how you interact with the world around you. It’s about creating a space to thrive. And TBH, I don’t care what you’re eating unless you’re inviting me to come with. Basically, we give you practical tools to create space for healing in your life.

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down to earth self-care

Raw, real, essential, and practical self-care + health practices that you can actually do every week. It’s not just bubble baths and buying yourself flowers, though I totally advocate for both. It’s about creating soul care routines, using essential oils, healing, and loving yourself.

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online education

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global community

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self care is healthcare.

Every month I’ll be sharing a simple self-care routine for a specific area and for July we’re focusing on digestion! Because everybody poops. Follow along on Instagram @thegrowth.co

Self-care can be simple and my routines seem to change based on the seasons or what I need at the time. So this is what my little digestive self-care routine looks like.

Lifelong vitality supplements: these create the soil for your oils to work their best magic. Plus, it creates a great framework for your body to work with!

Terrazyme: digestive enzymes for pretty much everything

Mito2max: helps with energy levels and to balance stressful feelings in your body, which can lead to poor digestion

Digestzen: a magical oil blend to help balance your digestive needs

Grapefruit: mostly because it blends will with Digestzen, but also because it's good for digestion

Move your body daily: not as a punishment for what you ate, but because it helps your body function better as a whole. It doesn't have to be anything crazy strenuous. I literally just walk every day and do a couple of planks or pushups before bed.

Zendocrine: helps to support your liver and your body's natural detox processes

Rest + relaxation: because stress messes with your digestive system, and sleep gives your body time to heal.




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