Five simple ways I stay positive

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February 4, 2019

Alisha Galbraith

I tried out a new Instagram feature (the one where people can ask you questions), and a friend asked, “how do you stay positive?” And honestly, I feel like I’m a pretty positive person anyway…but here are five simple ways I stay positive:

Five Simple ways I stay positive

Honor my current emotion, then speak gratitude!

I get really annoyed when people assume that I’m positive because I’ve never had anything bad or hard happen in my life or that I just bury my feelings and all I can see are rainbows. We all have things that have hurt us–it is our perspective and how we handle the hurt that shapes us. For example; my sister died of HELLP Syndrome in August 2013. I was devastated. I was angry. I was so incredibly sad. I allowed myself to feel those things (I even allow them now), but then I spoke gratitude for all of the times I got to spend with her. Gratitude that she was my sister, gratitude that we talked so often and that we were so close, gratitude for keeping my secrets, gratitude for teaching me how to compliment people, gratitude for bringing so much light to others, gratitude for the photographs, gratitude for the son that she gave birth to and never got to consciously meet. I could have let the grief consume me…and honestly, there have been a few days where I have let it–and it always comes back to being grateful; grateful that I am alive, grateful for what she taught me, grateful for her spirit.

Gratitude. More gratitude.

and even more gratitude. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions, even higher than love–(our emotions, like everything, vibrate at a certain frequency–higher vibing emotions help you to feel more positive, open, expanded, and light). So I always try to aim for “love and above” (more on how you can change your frequency here.) Doing this can be as simple as waking up in the morning and speaking gratitude for the things you have…kind of like prayer. You don’t even have to be speaking to anyone or anything in particular, just consciously speaking gratitude into existence.

I try to start each morning by writing in a gratitude journal (I have a post about this on my sister site, Love Wild Tribe). I speak (write) gratitude for the things I have, and also speak gratitude for the things I would like to have.

Connect in nature


me, circa 2010 on top of a mountain.

When I feel sad, angry, or even sick I need to get outside. Have you ever stormed out of the house when you’re angry? *raises hand* Maybe it’s not that you need to get away from someone, but the energy in the house as well.

I have literally wrapped myself in a blanket and gone to lay outside in the grass when I have felt sad or sick. The fresh air and the trees and even the ground just make me feel better. My six-year-old has asked to go outside when he feels sick as well–because “it makes me feel better.”

But even just regular outdoor time helps to raise your frequency and keep you in a positive state. When I lived in Utah I went hiking a lot–and a friend looked at me and said, ‘You’re one of the only people I know that get’s prettier when they hike’ –it was one of the greatest compliments of my life haha. Just the frequency of nature kept me in such a positive and loving state that it actually physically changed my appearance. So weird, right?

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How do you feel when you're in Nature? There's actually a science behind why you feel happier outside…I mean, aside from just the sheer magic that nature is. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Inside our homes, the air becomes stagnant and is charged with positive ions, which actually affect our bodies negatively; and lead to increased risk of allergies, depression, anxiety, and illness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But out in nature, the movement of air, water, sunlight, various particles, and water transforms into negative ions which in turn produce positive vibes 😘✌🏼♥️🌼 but really. Mountains, other areas with lots of trees, beaches, and waterfalls all have the highest concentrations of negative ions. Waterfalls have as many as 30,000-100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter…compared to, at the very most, 300 negative ions in your car or an office, or the 2-4 thousand in the country air. There will even be a high concentration of negative ions after a heavy rainstorm–which is interesting because storms always make me feel alive and I like to go stand in them until the risk of getting struck by lightning is too much. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Basically, when negative ions enter your bloodstream, they increase serotonin levels which elevate your mood, balance stress, boost energy, and reduce depression. So go outside. Oh and ps, five simple ways I stay positive on my blog. Throwback to April in Arkansas ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . . . #wildernessbabes #choosemountains #everytrailconnects #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #explorearkansas #lovewildtribe #happypeoplehike #hikelife #takeahike #elementsofwild #lovewilderness #happierhealthierhealing

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Watch the sun set.
Look at some stars.
Plan an adventure.
Fly to mars.

(just kidding) But really.

Go to a greenhouse and just walk through the plants. Even get crazy and touch one maybe.
Stand in the grass.
If you’re in a city, find the nearest patch of grass, park, or water fountain.

Connect with nature. She will connect you back.

Learn from others

If there is one thing that puts things into perspective for me, it’s learning from other people. There are so many people who go through terrible, awful things and come out like a bright shiny beacon. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Learn from your neighbors. Connect with other people and you’ll learn that you are not alone ever. Some of my favorite books (I have SO many favorites, but these are the ones I keep around, even though they aren’t necessarily “self-help” books):

I am Malala
Light is the New Black
Raise your Vibration
365 ways to raise your frequency
Big Magic
Manifest Now

Favorite podcasts:

Oprah Super Soul Conversations
New Mindset, who dis?
The Lively Show
Affirmation Pod


When you hold on to the anger, guilt, fear, and shame of your experiences and interactions with yourself and others, this lowers your frequency. I think we get forgiveness confused sometimes–it’s not to make someone be grateful to you for no longer blaming or hating them, but to raise your own frequency and release the poison of bitterness so you don’t rot from the inside out. Sometimes this is hard; sometimes we feel we deserve an apology and when we don’t get one, we sit on that thing for a long time. But it’s not hurting them–all it’s doing is hurting you. That’s why we forgive people; to release the energy and raise our vibration.

What do you do to keep positive?