Eleven Ways to rewild yourself


February 2, 2019

Alisha Christensen

I am not a party girl.

I’ve never really been a party girl.

I did sneak out of the house when I was seventeen on a few different occasions to make out with my sort of boyfriend/best friend and play tag/night games at the elementary school with all the neighborhood kids and I skipped class a lot the last month of high school after moving out of my parent’s house. I drank a few times when I was nineteen.

But that’s about as wild as it got. Now you know all of my sins 😉

So what does it mean to be “Wild”?

When I talk about “wild”, I’m talking about our natural state. The way we were before our cultures changed us.

Rewilding is technically a term used in conservation; meaning to restore the land to its natural state. But we can do the same thing with ourselves. I’m not saying that we need to become hunter/gatherers again, though there are some people, like this guy named Daniel,who may very well have created the rewilding movement, who look at rewilding as a physical thing; eating wild foods, foraging, planting, etc (all of which I love).  But it’s also a soul thing. So here we are, talking about the hippie side of rewilding.

When nature is depleted of its resources its growth is stunted, depleted, or species even go extinct.

When we are cut off from our natural resources, the things we love, the things that make us feel alive, our growth is stunted as well. Our intuition is stifled. And there are times where we may actually feel a little bit dead inside.

Because instead of living a wild life, we’re stuck inside this illusion of existing. We’re in survival mode; doing what our family thinks we should do, doing what society tells us to do, buying things we don’t really need or even want, completely forgetting the fact that in order for nature to thrive, it needs earth, air, wind, water, and fire…the things that make us feel grounded, alive, free, cleansed and renewed.

Ways to rewild yourself

  1. Physically return to the actual wild. Pretty simple really! Spend time in nature; visit a state park, a national park, walk around the lake, go on a hike, stand in the rain, watch thunderstorms. Take time to be still and listen.
  2. Plant a garden. Connect with the earth through planting flowers, food, trees; whatever it is that get’s you excited.
  3. Read and learn about the animals you feel drawn to. What are their characteristics? Where do they live? What can you learn from them?
  4. Make a list of things that make you feel grounded, alive, free, and cleansed or renewed. Then do them. For me; physically grounding makes me feel grounded (also using some essential oils). Things that make me feel alive; moving my body, dancing, listening to music, talking with the people I love. Things that make me feel free: hiking, the sea, adventures, etc. And really quick, let’s just mention that fire is renewing, right? I mean, first, it’s really destructive. But after the fire, new life and growth comes up and it’s so beautiful. What are the things that renew you? What cleanses you? Sometimes feeling cleansed means getting rid of those toxic thoughts, those toxic relationships. Sometimes feeling cleansed means taking a literal shower or opening the windows.
  5. Learn about the plants and animals in your area. I have a terrible habit of pointing out plants and being like, “You can eat that”, even though no one asked. Or, oh look, that’s a [insert tree].
  6. Ask yourself, “who was I before I was told who I should be?” We spend a lot of time trying to fit into someone else’s version of us, rather than allowing people to grow as they’re meant to. There’s this quote right, by Alexander Den Heijer; “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” If you’re not growing like you want to, ask yourself what in your environment needs to change.
  7. Bring nature home. Bring home that houseplant and learn to care for it even though you’re terrified it might die. Snatch up that crystal that is calling your name and you have no idea how to use. Pick up that cool rock and put it in your pocket. Collect those leaves. Bring nature home and nature will bring you back to the wild.
  8. Pay attention to the seasons. Eat seasonally, eat local food.
  9. Move your body!! We were not meant to sit all day. We weren’t even meant to be on computers all day, though I do spend a lot of time doing that haha. Get up and move! Exercise on the reg; I don’t care what you’re doing or how you’re doing it. But I feel so much better when I move regularly. I really want to get into Buti Yoga, but so far I am really terrible at it. Find a movement that suits your body and what you actually like.
  10. Change the way you dress, the way you do your hair or your make up. If you’re dressing or making yourself look a certain way because it’s been fed to you, ask yourself, “do I actually like this, or is this for someone else?” If it’s not for you, don’t do it.
  11. Disconnect to reconnect. Yeah, that’s probably a thing. I love my phone, you guys. I love the internet. It’s how I run my biz most days. But some days we need to step back to reconnect with our wild. Turn your phone off, turn it on airplane mode, turn on the do not disturb, take a social media fast if that’s your thing.

I know there are probably more ways to start the rewilding process, so feel free to comment or share your own!