DIY Lilac Lemonade with Blueberries


February 4, 2019

Alisha Galbraith

This year I discovered that lilac lemonade is a thing. Lilacs are an edible flower (eat all the flowers! My friend has a post that you can read with 11 edible flowers to make yourself feel like magic). Anyway, after our trip to Arkansas, we came home and discovered the lilac bush is in bloom! Yay! AND I discovered another lilac bush that I didn’t know we had–it’s on the border of our property in a sea of messy green that I have yet to identify. So double yay.

Lilac Lemonade

Normally I don’t use refined sugar for much and instead, I use honey in place of sugar. So I first made this recipe with the honey, without thinking that honey is BROWN so my lemonade is going to be BROWN. Duh. Which, I mean, is okay, but for me, the whole reason to make and drink lilac lemonade is for the color…and to see if you’ll turn into a unicorn. Because flowers are magic, remember?

To make lilac lemonade you’ll need equal parts water, sugar, and blossom to make a simple syrup. I used:

  • 4 cups refined sugar

  • 4 cups water

  • 4 cups lilac blossoms (I just threw the whole head in without removing the flowers from the stem, but it also made the water a tiny bit green, which is why I threw in the blueberries) UPDATE: even when I removed the stems

  • 1/2 cup blueberries (optional) or lavender flowers would be pretty/yummy too!

  • 4 cups lemon juice

Add the water and sugar together in a pot, stir, and bring to a boil. Once the mixture is at a boil, add the lilac flowers and blueberries, then simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. After that, you’ll simply strain everything (I used a cheesecloth), let it cool for about twenty minutes, and then add the lemon juice–which was basically a magic trick–it completely changed the color of the syrup to pink! Totally wish I had been making a video. Oh, also, this recipe will fill two 32 oz. glass jars.

To drink you add 1/4 cup of the lilac lemonade mixture into 8 oz of water. Garnish with lemon and lilac blossoms if you want, drink it, and feel like a princess. Guys, even my dad liked this drink and was totally throwing up at the thought of drinking something so girly. It was the perfect little Easter drink–and even with 8 adults drinking it there was some leftover…which is good because I wanted it all.

Here is what the honey-lilac lemonade looks like vs the lilac lemonade made with sugar:

Do you use lilac blossoms for anything? I think I’m going to make a toner and infuse some honey! Remember to pin this for later use!