DIY bug bite remedy spray with essential oils

DIY, essential oils

May 23, 2020

Alisha Christensen

Have you ever been out in the woods and it seems like you get bit by every imaginable thing out there? Same. That’s why we ended up making this DIY bug bite remedy. The 8 yr old got a couple of bug bites this weekend and they’re itchy AF so I made him this little spray for him to use whenever they itch instead of scratching the sh*t out of them. #myeobox ⠀⠀

I love plants because they’re potent and easy for anyone to use! This bug bite remedy uses lavender, tea tree, copaiba, and oregano.

Oregano isn’t an oil you hear much about, but it’s SO powerful —lol if you were one of the lucky ones to see the video of me taste testing it that one time in 2017. Luckily for everyone else I found it for your viewing pleasure 😂 10/10 do not recommend.

Anyway, oregano is a powerful plant—it has high amounts of a naturally occurring phenol called “carvacrol” which helps to soothe your body ✨ its one of my faves for achy bones and phantom pains, bee stings, and bug bites. Always dilute oregano twice as much as a normal oil or you’ll be a sad potato. (Again, swipe to see me perish 😅😂😭) I also shared my “source to you” report—I love looking up how high some of the compounds are (60% carvacrol!)

DIY Bug Bite Remedy Spray

Combine five drops of each essential oil into a 1 oz. spray bottle, fill it with fractionated coconut oil and spray as needed on the bite. It was so awesome to watch the 8 year old take care of his bites with this spray whenever he needed to!

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