My daily doterra checklist during the pandemic

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April 10, 2020

Alisha Galbraith

Working at home takes a lot of discipline, and I’ll be honest, discipline is not one of my strongest traits–but adaptability is! With school being canceled in-person for the rest of the academic year, we’re adapting again. Which means my daily doTERRA checklist looks a little different.

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School has been canceled, but distance learning has not been canceled (RIP to all of us parents out there, especially with younger kids–I was not made to do this, I stopped homeschooling for a reason, lol). For me this is added stress and takes a lot of energy so I have a hard time being motivated to do anything after school! But I’m also having a hard time being motivated to get out of bed earlier than the boys like I used to. Shit is weird right now.

My daily doTERRA checklist

Despite all the weird happening, I still share doTERRA. But first, I recognize that my mornings are going to feel “unproductive” because I’m playing “educator”–and that’s not my passion or my calling, lol. So I try and give myself a little bit of compassion that I’m not hustling and grinding. I’m a Human Design Projector anyway–we don’t hustle and grind. We just don’t.

But we do align. So after playing school, I take time to recharge–like literally just lay down and do nothing for twenty minutes. My bed is like a battery haha.

Here is what my daily checklist looks like lately:

  1. Take supplements and use oils (always, this is something I do first thing in the morning–before the school thing)
  2. Check email
  3. Check the back office (not much changes in here daily for me, but it’s good to get into the habit)
  4. respond to comments in member group
  5. respond to messages and comments on Instagram
  6. create some content if needed or spend some time creating for fun
  7. read, or listen to an audiobook or podcast. This is usually some sort of biz building podcast, self-improvement, or science-y nerd book like “Why we sleep” or reading about essential oils, or emotions and health.
  8. listen to my recorded “vision board” (basically the vision I have for my life but written and recorded out)
  9. take pics of stuff I’m using even if I don’t plan to use them that day, that way I have photos to use later!
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Coffee, Kesha, and the fact that I have essential oils are a few of the things bringing me peace right now. Essential oils were never meant to replace healthcare and they don't–but they DO give me tools I need at HOME to keep my family healthy and me, well, SANE. (and collective "thank you" to all of our very essential workers right now). And right now, some of our kits are 20% off in the US. Surprise! (This particular kit is normally $249 but is $199.90 until the end of March) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed out daily? Do you find yourself wishing that you had a way to support your family's immune system, and maybe, when you're less stressed, even learn to make your own non-toxic cleaners? this is the perfect kit: it covers emotional + environmental situations in one easy starter kit. 🦋 Here are 5 easy ways to use this kit as soon as you get it! * diffuse on guard daily to support your immune system * apply adaptive and copaiba to your feet first thing in the morning * when you start feeling overwhelmed or hold tension in your body use lemon, peppermint, and deep blue topically * digestzen for any nausea or tummy troubles * diffuse breathe and put lavender and balance on your feet for restful sleep All starter kits include a year membership from the date you sign up! You get 25% off all products and access to our member groups + education, plus a free essential oil reference app. Monthly ordering is always optional and there is NO selling required. You'll never not know how to use your oils because I'll be there to guide you when you have questions! #myeobox

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That’s it, lol. I spend most of my time learning and then sharing what I learn–that’s what feels good to me!

Here are some other things I do:

My weekly doTERRA checklist

  • share essential oils in my story at least three times (this happens naturally for me–I’m always using doTERRA and so I just snap a quick pic and share)
  • create IG posts for the week. I allow myself to post when I feel inspired as well–not everything is planned and not everything I create gets posted when I planned it. Pretty much none of my posts for March were posted because they didn’t make sense or feel right with the world shift. I have loose ideas set for now since our environment is so fluid with the pandemic and everything going on for people.
  • do an IGTV (sometimes I don’t follow through with this as consistently as I’d like to)
  • do a blog post (I was def more consistent with this before the pandemic)
  • repurpose content from sharing platforms (pin posts and content from IG, upload IGTV videos to YouTube channel, etc.)

My monthly doTERRA checklist

  • set intentions and plan for the month (I do this on the last Sunday of the current month)
  • schedule educational posts in our member’s Facebook group (more about this in The Essential Oil Guide class)
  • check blog and Pinterest analytics

I go into more detail in my class The Essential Oil Guide, so check it out!

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