Ho’oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian healing art of forgiveness using four simple phrases: I’m sorry 😔 Please forgive me 🤗 Thank you 🙏🏼 I love you ❤️ This is how I use it during a body scan!

Name numerology: what is it? Does your name really have a vibration? The answer is YES and you can figure out what it is in this post! Not only does your name have a numerical frequency, it also carries a vibration just be speaking it (you can learn more about vibration and frequency in my […]


If you want to learn about how to use oracle decks then check out my free three-day mini guide to oracle! If you’re just wandering around the site and stumbled here, welcome! Here are a few of my favorite decks and what I use them for: The oracle of oddities This was my first oracle […]


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simple ways to live intentionally

How do you find your personal year number and what is it? Numbers are just one of the ways the universe communicates with us.