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What is collective consciousness? Do we actually have an energetic effect on each other and our environment? The electromagnetic field generated by your heart is actually 100 times stronger than the electromagnetic field generated by your brain and it can be measured up to 15 feet away from your body using an EKG AND The impact of your heart's energy on another person has been measured up to three feet away. Come learn more in this post!

Name numerology: what is it? Does your name really have a vibration? The answer is YES and you can figure out what it is in this post! Not only does your name have a numerical frequency, it also carries a vibration just be speaking it (you can learn more about vibration and frequency in my […]


If you want to learn about how to use oracle decks then check out my free three-day mini guide to oracle! If you’re just wandering around the site and stumbled here, welcome! Here are a few of my favorite decks and what I use them for: The oracle of oddities This was my first oracle […]


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for kinda hippie, kinda witchy, sort of spiritual humans. In March I made a “kinda hippie, kinda witchy” book list, and as we’re nearing the end of the year, I’m updating it here! Btw, this post has affiliate links for these books. If you click on them and then purchase the book I get a […]


I left the religion I was raised in. And while that may not seem like a big deal to some people, it was a *big deal in being raised in an orthodox, authoritative religion. I wrote about it here, and now, I’m getting more comfortable in *not knowing things. I don’t know what I believe, […]


“Are you getting better?”

If I could count the number of times I was asked that question or how often it was implied with “how are you doing?”

But the thing is, I wasn’t sick. 

I just stopped going to church. 

And I haven’t talked about it much–losing your religion is a deeply personal and lonely transformation. And it’s not a change that is looked at as growth or welcomed with love, but it’s looked at as a failure of faith. 



August is a weird month for me. For everyone in our family really. It’s the month our oldest sister was born and also the month that she gave birth to her first born and died. I’m not really sure what order those last two things happened. And every year I think I won’t mention this story…but I’m putting it out there again. We all process pain differently, and one of my ways is through talking about what happened rather than keeping it trapped inside.