Travel Log: Dead Horse Point State Park + Canyonlands National Park


October 7, 2019

Alisha Galbraith


If you’ve been reading my Travel Log posts then you know I try and be as real as possible with them—this post is no different. SO here we go: We stopped at Dead Horse Point State park on the way to Canyonlands National Park.

My family went to Dead Horse when I was 10 ish—and I don’t remember much aside from being terrified of falling off the cliff and that it was a pretty f*d up place…I mean…cowboys corralled wild horses on the peninsula, took what they wanted, and left the rest to die of thirst? Who does that? Was it an accident? Or was it just the start of the US history of killing wild horses? I don’t know, but…I mean, if you’re in the area and have $25 to blow to look over the green river, might as well. It’s not my favorite place, though there are a lot of picnic tables if you feel like having lunch or something. Would I go again? Eh. Maybe if I was around and it was free.

Canyonlands National Park

Okay, now to the good part. First impression: VAST. Lots of cliffs, not reallllly a place for kids; I felt like it would be super fun for young adults (and older adults?) to like, go jeeping, have some beers, camp. We did walk to an overlook—I think it was Island in the Sky, and it was beautiful, but also terrifying and I was afraid the children were going to blow away. But we all survived, Micah didn’t try and jump like he normally does, so everything was fine. If they were older we would have explored a bit more, but that’s where we stopped. Our kids also didn’t want to get out of the car to take a photo at this point, so it’s just the two of us 🙂

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Quick stop to Canyonlands National Park. Discovered quickly that this is a park best suited for families with teens, or adults with Jeep’s and beers. The area is gorgeous, lots of yellow wildflowers, lots of cliffs, lots of wind. We did a quick, like literally .1 mile walk to the Shafer overlook, thought we were going to get blown off the cliff by the wind, but survived. @canyonlandsnps . Music credit: Track: Reflection — JayJen & Enine [Audio Library Release] Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: Free Download / Stream: . . . . #wildandbravelittles #letthemexplore #hellostoryteller #runwildmychild #theoutdoorchild #wilderness_kids #wildexplorersclub #tinybigadventure #wildexplorersclub #adventuremoms #ourtribetravels #exploringwithkids #borntobeadventurous #kidswhohike #sheisthewild #nationalparksusa #usnationalparks #homeschoolers @nathanaelg

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The Area

The closest place to eat, shop, and get service is in Moab. If you’re not camping, it’s definitely a day trip thing!


Remember that it costs money to get into the parks (usually $25 for a day pass, $35 ish for a 3-day pass), but you can buy a year-long pass for $80! We just did this at the first national park we went to.

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