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Six Essential Oils you NEED for Immune Support

With fall often comes an assault on our bodies–germs everywhere, people are lazy and don’t wash their hands, or they don’t feel that gross, so they’re out at the grocery story spreading all the nasties.

Oregano / Guys, this is non-negotiable and you need it. It’s such a power-house of germ-defying destruction that it would be madness to not have it. It is incredible for supporting the most tired respiratory system and achy throat, especially when it seems like nothing else is working.

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Essential oils for first aid

Pretend you’re out in the woods, desert, maybe the beach, marshes…What are your first aid concerns? Cuts, scrapes, stings, poison things? I’ve always been in love with first aid and basically, I love being prepared. I like knowing that I can handle most things that happen in my life with the tools that I have on hand…even if it’s just oils or electrical tape (what my dad always used as a band-aid). With that being said, please remember that essential oils are not life-saving tools but are meant to support you until you can get necessary medical care.

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Home Apothecary

Every apothecary will be different because each family and area is different. I like to grow and forage as many plants as possible from where I live before buying them on the internet. But, sometimes I’m really awful at growing things, or I don’t have the specific plant I want and can’t find an alternative. There is nothing wrong with sourcing herbs on the web, but just make sure you’re buying from a good source. Basically, here are a few things every home apothecary should have:

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