Super easy DIY salve

Last year I learned how to make a salve with essential oils, and it became one of my favorite DIY remedies to make. I have an Instagram live replay showing you exactly how I make it. This particular tutorial is how to make a salve for skin ailments; minor burns, bites, cuts, and scrapes. And you guys, once you learn, it’s SO easy to make your own all the time.

How to Make a Salve with Essential Oils

You’ll need:

1/3 c coconut oil
2 tsp raw shea nut butter (unrefined, unbleached)
1 TBSP beeswax (2 TBSP for the spring/summer months)
30 drops essential oils of your choice
3 2 oz tins

All you do is add the first three ingredients to a double boiler (or in my case, a glass measuring cup sitting in a pot of water), and melt them. Once everything is melted, remove it from the heat and let cool for about 30 seconds to a minute.

This is when you’ll add the essential oils–I used 10 drops each of lavender, frankincense, and melaleuca. Stir, pour into the tins and let cool.


What we used and Why:

Shea nut butter is amazing for your skin–I use it every night on my face as like a deep moisturizer. The shea nut has healing properties in it and has been used for blemishes, to reduce wrinkles, for itching, sunburns, wounds, eczema, bites, and frostbite.

Frankincense is soothing (natural discomfort reliever) and incredible for aiding your skin’s healing process.

Melaleuca is cleansing, purifying and helps to get rid of unwanted pathogens. It’s also great for burns, scrapes, bites, and stings.

Lavender is my fave. It’s cleansing, purifying, soothing, and helps get rid of unwanted pathogens.

Everyone knows that coconut oil is great for so many things; it has been used to treat cuts, scrapes, and scratches and restores skin quickly. It is also cleansing, protects against bacteria, and reduces irritations.

Let me know if you make it! What is your favorite essential oil blend to make into a remedy?

Ps. If making a salve is just not on your radar, you can go to my link to buy this super awesome ointment from DoTerra. It’s basically like Neosporin, but without chemicals, petroleum, or preservatives.

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