Six Ways to Connect with Nature

I am still praising that it is spring over here…even if it did snow the other day. The trees are starting to bloom, the days are longer already, and we are going to be starting our garden beds this week!

Connecting with nature was super easy when we lived in the country—we had forty acres, so I just walked outside and was basically surrounded with it. Now we live in the suburbs, and while this isn’t new for me, connecting with nature takes a more conscious effort.

ways to connect with nature in the suburbs

So here are six simple ways you can connect with some nature today:

  1. explore a park // find a new trail or go to your favorite and see if you can find anything new

  2. let the sun kiss your skin // our bodies need the sun; it helps us make Vitamin D, helps us sleep better, and the sun can even help us fight off certain illnesses (1).

  3. observe a nature // find a nature thing and observe it. Maybe you come in close contact with a bunny—observe it. Maybe get brave and say hello. Or don’t. Look at the texture of a tree, etc.

  4. walk barefoot on the grass // and watch out for dog poop. But really, if you don’t know by now, grounding connects us to the earth which is full of negative ions that give us “positive vibes”. Yes, it’s actually a thing and I have a little more on this post from forever ago.

  5. hug a tree // then take a selfie and tag me plz ;) This is a really good way to ground yourself if you’re not somewhere you can take off your shoes

  6. adopt a plant // bring nature home with you. If you’re afraid of killing it, try a snake plant or pothos. They’re basically indestructible.