Six Things I wish I had known before I started using essential oils

Essential oils are super popular these days, but they aren’t a new thing–they’ve been around for…pretty much ever. But no one ever told me where to get the best essential oils. I thought they were all the same quality (news flash: they aren’t and you can read about that here), and I thought they would be so hard to learn about (again, they aren’t). So here are six things I wish I had known before using essential oils:

6 things I wish I had known before using essential oils

1. They’re so easy to use. I think sometimes we overcomplicate everything, and the same is true when it comes to essential oils. But guess what? They are literally so easy to use. You don’t have to know everything–I have reference books I use when I’m not sure what oil to use, how to use it, or where to put it. And there are even oils that come pre-diluted which make them even easier to use–so easy that my six year old can apply them easily with my supervision.

2. You don’t have to have some super intense oil experience to experience the power of essential oils. Sometimes you’ll see this really grand stories about how this oil helped XYZ and how amazing and immediate the effects were…but more often than not you’ll use an essential oil and the effects will be very subtle. But with consistent use over time you’ll start to notice changes.

3. Essential oils have emotional benefits as well as physical benefits. When I started learning about essential oils I mostly focused on all of the physical benefits they have (like better sleep, supporting my immune system), but realized that there are emotional benefits to every oil as well (like soothing anxious feelings and creating energetic boundaries.) Now I use them for both.

4. The easiest way to learn about essential oils is by getting your hands on them. Really. You can read and read and read about essential oils, but until you have them in your hands and actually experience the benefits, you can only learn so much.


5. You get what you pay for. Quality over quantity. Phrases you’ve heard before I’m sure–and it’s true for doTERRA’s essential oils. You’re not paying extra for us wellness advocates to get paid, or for the “brand name”; you’re paying for quality–from where the plants are grown, how they are harvested, who we partner with, how they are tested and free of contaminants. You’re paying for quality. Period.

6. There are man-made essential oils. If you’ve been following me for a couple of years then you know I used to buy essential oils from Amazon and you also know that it is literally one of the worst places to get your oils. Not all oils are created equal and the majority of oils are man-made–basically a perfume. You don’t get any physical benefits from these oils and aren’t likely to get any emotional benefit either.

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