Six Essential Oils you NEED for Immune Support

Autumn is quickly approaching and I have no complaints. I love the cooler weather; sweaters, the colors, hot cocoa (like I haven’t been drinking it all summer anyway), evening fires. What is your favorite thing about fall?

With fall often comes an assault on our bodies–germs everywhere, people are lazy and don’t wash their hands, or they don’t feel that gross, so they’re out at the grocery story spreading all the nasties.

Oregano / Guys, this is non-negotiable and you need it. It’s such a power-house of germ-defying destruction that it would be madness to not have it. It is incredible for supporting the most tired respiratory system and achy throat, especially when it seems like nothing else is working. And yes, it has a strong smell (think pizza!) This is one you can dilute and put on your chest a few nights a week before you go to sleep; you don’t have to worry if you smell like pizza at work, and your immune system is getting great support! I love pairing it with melalueca and green mandarin.


On-Guard / A second non-negotiable oil because it is also a germ destroyer, but doesn’t smell like pizza. It smells more like Christmas and is far more pleasant to diffuse than oregano. Tastes delicious in honey for those times your throat starts to feel icky. While I’m thinking about it, just grab our On Guard sanitizing mist too–this is great for your hands (obvs), spraying down the cart, wiping down your phone, or even your steering wheel.

Breathe / This supports your respiratory system and I diffuse it literally every single night, even in the summer. When you’re feeling more stuffy than normal, this is great for helping to clear those airways so you can sleep a bit better at night or use it throughout the day when you aren’t feeling your best.

Siberian fir / smells amaze, but also so cleansing and refreshing. And in a season where everything is dying or dead, this is such an uplifting scent. It’s also one of my faves for respiratory support and when you get those weird scratchy throats where it seems only one side is bothering you. Mix it up with some oregano!

Arborvitae / I pair this with Siberian fir for when I’m feeling so gross that I just can’t move. Super soothing and protecting. Note that most people don’t like the smell, but paired with Siberian Fir is a lot better AND incredible support for the immune system. I use this when I’m feeling achy and under the weather. Like last year: I felt gross all Christmas day. I woke up with the kiddos, we opened gifts, then I went back to bed while they went to visit grandma. I SLEPT FOR SEVEN HOURS. You guys, even when I’m feeling under-the-weather I NEVER sleep for that long. 

Lavender / because you know your kiddos are going to feel under the weather and lavender paired with Siberian fir is going to help keep their body at a standard temperature.


Bonus oil: PASSION BLEND: this is from our emotional line, but all essential oils have both emotional and what I call “practical” uses–or physical benefits. Passion is another blend you can use for a scratchy throat or use to target achy areas of the body. I used it most recently with my four year old whose temperature was higher than usual, and it really helped soothe him!

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