North Carolina: Yoga, Oils, Self-Care, and our Tribe

For the past 3+ years I have been sharing essential oils on Instagram—and because of this little social media platform I have been able to meet people from all over the United States who have joined our oil tribe. And this month, thanks to Carey from @hawriverhomestead, I was able to participate in an in-person event in North Carolina and meet some of our wild ones!

The Event at Anthropologie in Durham

How many of you experience feelings on a daily basis? I assume all of you, unless you’re a robot, which is also fine. And you probably know that because our emotions are chemical messengers, they’re not just limited to our minds and can show up as physical symptoms in our bodies; digestive issues when we’re nervous, sweating when we’re frustrated, crying when we’re angry, etc. We can use essential oils to support not just our emotions, but these physical responses as well!


If you want to learn more about emotions and essential oils just shoot me a message on FB or Instagram @folkandco!

Meeting The Tribe

You guys. You really can create real friendships because of the internet. It’s magical when it happens. Prior to this event I had only met Carey IRL, but it felt as if I’d known and already met each of these beautiful humans.

photo from  @imacocoageek

photo from @imacocoageek

And the really beautiful thing is that all of us are different and all of us felt so much love and connection. We felt comfortable and safe and filled up instead of drained after being together. #highvibe is more than just a trendy phrase—these people are high vibe. I can’t wait to go back to see all of their beautiful faces!