Magnolia, Confidence, and the law of attraction

Did you know it only takes 16 seconds of feeling a thing to start attracting it with your electromagnetic waves? That’s it. Sixteen seconds to start creating your reality.

So we need to stop feeling and saying things like;

“I’m broken.”

“I’m always messing up.”

“I’m so tired.”

Because guess what? What you say is what you attract.

You always hear people say “you are what you eat”, but in reality, you are what you feel and speak.

If you’re saying you feel broken, you’ll continue to attract experiences that make you feel broken or break you down.

If you say you’re always messing up, you’re going to attract messiness.

If you keep saying “I’m so tired”–you’re going to be tired!

Our emotions are energy and create electromagnetic waves that make us literal walking magnets for the very things we are feeling.

This doesn’t mean you need to suffocate your feelings; express them, don’t repress them. But don’t stay in the expression for too long. The longer you stay, the stronger your magnetic vibration is attracting those things.

Your body naturally wants to be well. In your best, aligned state, you feel happy, whole, and vibrant–this state is different for everyone, but basically, when you feel good your life feels good, your body feels good, and life is just good.

Let’s start saying things like,

“I am healing.”

“I am learning to be happy.”

“I create the energy I need to get through today.”

Oil I’m Using // Magnolia

This is a BRAND NEW oil from doTERRA and I’m in love–I’ve been using it with In Tune and it just has the most beautiful scent. Let’s be honest, some floral essential oils just stink, but this is one that I’ve been using as a personal fragrance. It helps to instill confidence and open up to your inner self. It’s also soothing for anxious feelings!


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