Introducing The Growth Co.

Hey, darling friend of the internet,

If you haven’t heard already, Folk and Co. is now The Growth Co. (if you didn’t know me from Folk and Co. then that probs doesn’t make sense), and I’ve had a lot of people ask why. Sometimes it’s hard to explain things, especially when they don’t make sense from the outside. I get it--a lot of people don’t like change! But with change comes growth.

Basically, Folk and Co. started out as my personal Instagram account and a 365-day photo challenge. Aside from that, I wasn’t sure what I was doing with it. When we moved back to Missouri from Georgia, Folk and Co. morphed into a homesteading account which is where so many of you found me! I’m so grateful for the internet/real-life friendships that have been created through it. Then six months ago we ended up moving to the suburbs, and from the outside, it didn’t make sense to a lot of people.

I’ve always tried to be honest in what I share on the internet, but also maintain some sort of privacy, even though I’m pretty much an open book. It’s a really weird space to live in, tbh. What looked like the perfect country/homesteading scene to many people was actually the setting of a lot of pain in our marriage and external family relationships. So we made a huge change thanks to therapy and moving was our natural next step--even if it didn’t make sense to anyone else. 

And with that change and healing came The Growth Co. If you decide to stay subscribed this is what you can expect to see:

  • Essential oils: selling and teaching about doTERRA essential oils is my job--but I was always afraid of sharing “too much”, so I didn’t share nearly as much as I wanted to. I literally use these plants multiple times a day--it's a lifestyle. And that's not just some marketing thing, they really are a daily part of my life. Like, I'm rubbing tea tree oil on a spot on my face right now while I'm working on this email. I wanted a space where I could share unapologetically about oils and doTERRA. doTERRA’s sourcing model and care of the earth is why I opened a wholesale membership with them. Their evolving mission to expand into subscription-based healthcare with essential oils is another reason I love them so much. So The Growth Co. is a space where people can expect to see essential oil info more often and more about doTERRA’s mission to disrupt healthcare and bring in more natural solutions. (btw, check out my tick spray if you haven't already and make some.)

  • Nature: We all have a connection to nature, especially as children. We find wonder and magic in everything--but then we grow up. And for some of us, that magic starts to fade. Earth becomes a backdrop for our lives rather than the dirt that we’re rooted in. My love for earth has been with me since I was young--so while the setting has changed, connecting to the earth hasn’t.

  • Self-care: It seems that nobody talks about the identity crisis some of us go through after marriage and babies. I felt invisible. I felt like I was drowning. I had unhealed wounds that caused me to shrink back into silence because it was more comfortable than speaking up for myself...until it wasn’t anymore. I got to the point where I wished I would disappear. The point where I thought my kids and my husband would be better off without me, which of course, is complete nonsense because I mean--I’m worth it ;) As our marriage was breaking down and I was giving up, there was a moment of light that allowed for growth: therapy, lots of healing, really deep self care and yes, essential oils, helped me replant and grow deeper roots. Preach what you love instead of bashing what you hate--this is why I PREACH self-care. Because you are worth loving and you are worth living.

And of course, there will be me; still weird and probably oversharing. According to my little Instagram survey, the majority of you like to learn via blog posts and posts in your feed/IG stories. So that’s what I’ll be focusing on for the next little bit instead of live classes, but please message me any time you have questions! 

So, that’s it I think! Thank you for being here ♥


"May your home be filled with wildflowers and your heart full of love." // @whereshegrows

Why doTERRA?

Essential oils are everywhere--literally everywhere. The grocery store, Target, online, and even the craft store. But not all oils contain healing properties. Just because it smells like a plant doesn’t mean it works like magic. Just because it says “pure” doesn’t mean it actually is. In fact, 80% of the essential oils on the market are actually fake. Right? I was pissed when I found out, but it also explained why some of my oils didn’t seem to have any effect on me.So I looked at doTERRA and went all in. I’ve never once regretted opening my wholesale membership right away.

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