How stress manifests in the body and how to reduce stressful feelings

Stress is a weird thing. You hear people say, “I’m so stressed!” like all the time, but we never really talk about how being “so stressed” can actually make us so unwell, even though 77% of people report negative physical symptoms caused by stress on a routine basis. On top of that, 73% of us report psychological symptoms caused by stress as well. And on top of that, women are more likely to report physical and emotional symptoms from stress than men, and married women are likely to experience more stress than single women.

Basically, stress is a bitch.

But we treat is as our friend--we’re like, ‘yeah, I’m so stressed, but it’s fine, I have to get all this stuff done.’

If no one has told you lately, prolonged stress is not your friend and here is why:

Stress is not  limited to your mind!! It affects every area of your body!

This is what my daily morning routine for reducing stressful feelings looks like right now:

morning routine.png

🌻 wake up: grab peppermint and smell the sh*t out of it

🌻 meditate in sleepy state.

🌻 do a gratitude (journal)

🌻 2 drops of @doterra frankincense and yarrow/pom under the tongue--I may add copaiba as well!

🌻 do a yoga + breath of fire

🌻 roll In-Tune® on chest which helps to calm my body down and focus

🌻 take my LLV supplements, usually with second breakfast

🌻 take on guard® soft gel

Creating a routine can seem pretty overwhelming, but just choose one thing and start adding it to your day ✌🏼 (check out my evening routine here)

Essential oils to use for stressful feelings

How do stressful feelings manifest in your own body? Think about it and pick something that works for you! and as always, I recommend doTERRA essential oils and you can find more info here.

For digestive discomfort: digestzen / fennel / terrazyme / pb assist+ / gx assist / peppermint / spearmint copaiba / aromatouch

For racing thoughts: copaiba / in tune / patchouli / frankincense / balance / serenity / lavender

For when you’re tired: basil / peppermint / grapefruit / mito2max / lime / lemon / tangerine

For immune support: on guard / on guard softgels / copaiba / frankincense / oregano / tea tree

For skin support: tea tree, copaiba / frankincense / yarrow+pom / lavender


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Why doTERRA?

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