Home Apothecary

I have a small home apothecary otherwise known as my “witch doctor” cabinet. Of course, essential oils are part of my natural solutions arsenal, but there are a few other things you should have.

Home Apothecary

Every apothecary will be different because each family and area is different. I like to grow and forage as many plants as possible from where I live before buying them on the internet. But, sometimes I’m really awful at growing things, or I don’t have the specific plant I want and can’t find an alternative. There is nothing wrong with sourcing herbs on the web, but just make sure you’re buying from a good source. Basically, here are a few things every home apothecary should have:

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Essential oils for the home apothecary

I used to use essential oils from every company until I finally realized I was wasting money on low-quality oils and switched to DoTERRA. I’ve never looked back. I add essential oils to my apothecary because they are 50-70 times more powerful than the herb itself, and I can get oils from plants that don’t grow here that have been ethically sourced; rather than running into developing countries and buying up the local farms where many of these plants for oils grow, DoTERRA partner’s with the growers. to make sure the farmers get fair compensation and regular payments–basically, WE are enabling these farmers to create a better life for them and their family. You can read more about it here, but basically, it’s a beautiful partnership that most oil companies don’t have with developing countries.

Oils + blends you’ll need:

  • frankincense

  • oregano

  • lavender

  • lemon

  • melaleuca (tea tree)

  • peppermint

  • DigestZen (digestive support)

  • On Guard (protective/immune support blend)

  • Breathe (respiratory support)

  • Deep Blue (muscle support)

You can get all 10 of these oils for just $150 in the family essentials kit when you sign up for a wholesale account–message me if you’re interested! and obviously, you can add more oils as you learn about the ones you like and use most often. Do not buy these oils on Amazon or from the grocery store! 

Carrier Oils & Butters for the home apothecary

If you have essential oils in your home apothecary then you’ll need carrier oils (or at least one of the first two):

Herbs, foods, & Wild Plants for the home apothecary

You’ll also want to include herbs and wild plants in your apothecary. This will vary again depending on your preference and local plants (if you choose to forage). A few things I have or will have in mine after this season:


Miscellaneous supplies for the home apothecary

What is in your home apothecary?